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(Warning - Possible SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad lie below...)

Now, with the the second entry into DC's new and rapidly expanding Cinematic Universe - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - well on its way to our screens, it's perhaps time to take a closer look at just how the movie is set to connect to the rest of its expanded universe.

Of course, its links to the movie that started the whole DCCU - Man of Steel - have been well established, with the plot of Batman v Superman very much seeming set to act as a direct response to the tragic events of Man of Steel's closing moments...


What, though, about the DCCU movie that's set to arrive straight after Batman v Superman?

How Will Batman v Superman Set Up...Suicide Squad?

Other than by introducing Sad Batman...
Other than by introducing Sad Batman...

After all, Suicide Squad's set for release (on August 5, 2016) only a few short months after Batman v Superman arrives on March 25. With at least one cast member in common - Batman is set to cameo in Suicide Squad - the likelihood of there being some substantial links between the two movies seems all-but certain.

How, though, will Batman v Superman end up setting up its little sibling?

Here are five possible options:

5. We Might See Batman (and Others) Arrest a Few Members of the Squad

After all, what better way to introduce some of the lesser known (but bad-ass) members of the Suicide Squad than to show them being captured by the authorities in an awesome fashion.

Why, by having Cyborg, The Flash, and whichever other heroes happens to turn up capturing them as part of their (presumably brief) introductions within the movie, of course... There's still time for reshoots, and a whole Suicide Squad cast just sitting up there in Toronto...

And honestly, who doesn't want to see Ezra Miller's Flash take down Captain Boomerang in his first DCCU appearance?


4. We Could Meet Amanda Waller

Once again, the possibility of reshoots - or Suicide Squad director David Ayer filming a quick scene as a favor to BvS' Zack Snyder - makes it entirely possible that we'll get the chance to briefly see Amanda Waller (as played by Viola Davis) in Batman v Superman.

A Nick Fury-in-the-MCU-referencing post-credits scene, perhaps?

3. The Movie Might Leave a Plot Dangling

Specifically, if rumors of Lex Luthor's slight involvement in Suicide Squad prove true, we could see Batman v Superman's big-bad offer up the beginnings of Suicide Squad's plot at the former movie's close.

A reference to a covert job he needs doing, perhaps - or even something along the lines of "I don't need a soldier...I need a squad..."

And...cue over-excitement in theaters everywhere...

Though not so much as if the following option comes to fruition:

2. We'll (Probably) See the Joker Early

Yup, that's right - that same possibility of reshoots/Suicide Squad set-based pickups offers up the tantalizing possibility that we'll get our first on-screen glimpse of The Joker in Batman v Superman...

If so, then, could we even see Batman arrest his Nemesis - possibly even with Harley Quinn in tow - in the movie, before being forced to watch him escape justice in Suicide Squad?

And, if so, could we also see something seriously traumatic? After all...

1. We Could Well See (a) Robin Die

What more devastating way to feature the Joker - even if in flashback - than by including the comic-book moment where he killed Batman's second Robin, Jason Todd.

Now, sure, he eventually ended up coming back to life in the comics, but the brutal impact of watching The Joker horrifically murdering young Robin in Batman v Superman could subsequently make his role in Suicide Squad absolutely essential viewing.

What do you reckon, though?


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