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(Warning: Possible SPOILERS for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice lie below...)

Now, with all the speculation surrounding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it's perhaps a little surprising that more of the whispers flying around haven't involved the death of a beloved hero or two. After all, if there's a more widely recurring rumor than 'X is going to die in XXXX', it'd have to involve a Kardashian.

Which makes sense, of course (the death bit, not the thing about Kardashians). Death isn't just an incredibly integral (and often terrifying) part of life, it's also about as terrible a thing as can ever actually happen to a fictional character. After all, when they feel pain or struggle physically, we know that a) they'll probably be fine, and b) they're not actually real.

Kill off that same beloved fictional character, though, and it no longer matters whether or not they're real, since we aren't going to see them again irrespective...and that SUCKS.

Which is why, despite the relative lack of rumors, it's still very much worth taking a look at:

Who's Going to Die in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Because, y'see, it matters.

Especially if they try to kill off freakin' Superman...

Let's take a look at some of the contenders, then, in no particular order:

5. Alfred Pennyworth

Yup, that's right - Jeremy Irons' brand new Alfred could well depart the DCCU almost as soon as he arrives in it. After all, if Batman was going to lose a close ally, he'd be the most obvious choice - and Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner's appearances in Man of Steel have already set a precedent for classy cameo performances by father figures who quickly die. Plus, he's one of the only supporting characters that the majority of the audience will actually give a crap about, which in as new a Cinematic Universe as the DCCU, might well matter more than you'd think.

Chances of Him Actually Dying: 5/10

4. Robin(s)

Specifically, either the (once very dead in the comics, but since returned) Jason Todd Robin, who could well get killed by The Joker, as in the classic Death in the Family comic-book arc...

...or, perhaps, the Carrie Kelley version of (as rumored to be being played by Jena Malone) the young hero. She'd be a more controversial choice to die - but it could well prove a great means for sending Batman off the deep end.

The odds of them having died before the movie are a fair bit higher than them meeting their maker during it, though, I suspect...

Chances of Them Actually Dying: 4/10

Chances of Them Already Being Dead: 7/10

3. Lois Lane

Another one that'd be super-controversial - though it would open up the possibility of Superman and Wonder Woman actually dating on screen, as they have done in recent years in the comics - Lois could well find herself in a whole lot of danger in the movie, what with one of Lex Luthor's favorite moves having historically been to kidnap and try to kill her.

If she were to die early on, say, could it be enough to bring out the dark side of Superman, thus prompting Batman to get involved?

Chances of Her Actually Dying: 3/10

2. Batman

Now, I'll be honest, there are two pretty major reasons why this one almost certainly isn't going to happen.

1. Batman's only just being introduced into the DCCU, so killing him would be kind of insane.


2. He's in Suicide Squad, which comes out after Batman v Superman.

So, unless there's a massive plot twist (and, say, a surprise Dick Grayson Batman at the end of the movie), or Suicide Squad is in fact (as has been rumored) a prequel, this one seems like a pretty major long shot...

Chances of Him Actually Dying: 1/10

1. Superman

Superman, on the other hand? He could be a little more at risk...

After all, there's already a classic 'Death of Superman' storyline sitting in comic-book history...

...and with no second solo movie confirmed as of yet, the seeming death of Superman could well raise the stakes before the upcoming Justice League film. After all, a noble, self-sacrificing death on Superman's part could be exactly the prompt the (natural loner) Batman needs to form the Justice League, in order to uphold his legacy of (and replace) the fallen hero.

Before, inevitably, Superman returns in the final moments of Justice League, Part 1...

Chances of Him Actually Dying: 4/10

What do you think, though?


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