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Superhero movies have one of the most loyal, dedicated and creative fan bases in the world. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the incredible art that these fans produce every day. There are so many fantastic examples of super hero fan art out there, but these picks rank amongst some of the best. It's hard to believe some of these posters weren't made in high-end movie studios, but in the bedrooms and offices of everyday fans like you.

1. Ant-Man

This one is kind of a cheat, as it's by Matt Ferguson (a.k.a. Cakes and Comics), who has worked for Marvel on design projects before. However, this "just-for-fun" Ant-Man poster is slick, stylish and blows Marvel's official poster designs out of the water.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy posters number amongst my favorites from the MCU, but I love the bold colors and minimal design in this offering from bosslogix.

3. Deadpool

Even on this list, this Deadpool poster by punmagneto really stands out. It's so good, even Ryan Reynolds himself has tweeted his approval. It looks beautiful, and has the perfect blend of breathtaking action and silliness that a Deadpool movie comes for. Marvel will have a hard time topping this fan-made poster when Deadpool arrives in 2016.

4. Captain America: Civil War

When the posters for Captain America: Civil War emerge, they'll undoubtedly be littered with cast names and more characters than we know what to do with. I can't help but wish they'd take some cues from this breathtaking poster by sahinduezguen, and let Cap and Iron Man speak for themselves.

5. The Dark Knight Trilogy

As official superhero posters go, The Dark Knight trilogy leads the pack in terms of design. Here, AndrewSS7 combines elements of the bat symbol from the three original posters into until the trilogy in one beautiful image.

6. Thor

This absolutely stunning poster by shokxone-studios showcases Mjolnir in all her glory. I love the tag line as well - it really matches the drama of the artwork, and makes me want to watch the first Thor movie all over again.

7. Man of Steel

This poster by Dwayne-L has a similar feel to the Thor one; sparse text, dramatic tagline, and one breathtaking, central image. Not entirely sold on the "Man of Steel" font, but I can't fault that image of Superman soaring above the clouds.

8. X-Men: First Class

This poster by Nicole Hayley is a prime example of how to showcase a stellar ensemble cast without looking cluttered. I love the "Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters" logo as the centerpiece.


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