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The president's car pulls up in front of a secret base. The president exits the vehicle and is greeted by Amanda Waller.

"The situation keeps getting worse. More and more of them keep popping up everyday." says the president as they make their way to the underground level. "The alien is far too powerful than we imagined and now he has allies. We need to do something, we have to let the people know that this planet still belong to them", says the president clearly jaded from all the stress.

"Do not worry Mr. President. I'm putting together a team to counter this so called Justice League" she replies calmly

"Besides the kryptonian wasn't the first alien to visit out planet", she says as she shows the president a large cylindrical chamber filled with green liquid. A silhouette of an oddly shaped being is visible inside.

Waller hands the president a folder which says 'MARS' in large bold letters.

"The outlaws have their alien", she says as the president looks at the being with uncertainty. "Now we have ours!"


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