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Fans always excel themselves at Comic cons with their creativity, makeup and their ability of transforming themselves into their favourite characters. There were so many amazing Disney Cosplays to choose from but these are my most favourite ones:

1) Elsa

Elsa is such a popular cosplay right now it was tricky to chose a favourite. However, I loved artist Dessi-Desu's version. She spends hours working on the details of her costumes and creating them! The hard work sure pays off and the final piece is just beautiful.

2) Princess Jasmine And Aladin

Photo by: arseniccupcakes

Jasmine and Aladin look fantastic here, they have even brought the Genie along with them incase of emergency.

3) Tinkerbell

Photo by: Norman Chan

This cosplayer has put her own spin on Tinkerbell's dress and it works perfectly.

4) Gaston

Photo by: Norman Chan

Gaston is that you? This fan creation is so convincing and he has the Gaston pose totally nailed too.

5) The Mad Hatter & Alice In Wonderland

Photo by : Norman Chan

Simple but beautifully done Cosplaying the outfits are just lovely at this Tea Party.

6) Belle and an Ewok-looking Beast:

Photo by: Norman Chan

The detail in Belle's dress must have taken hours to create and the Ewok Beast is strangely cute too..

7) Ursula

Photo by: Treblesketch

I love this interpretation of the Sea Witch Ursula, the makeup complements the outfit amazingly too.

8) Anna

Photo: elementalsight

:Which cosplay took you the longest time to make?

ANNA. ANNA so much so. 300 hours of Anna. So worth it, but dear lord I watched a lot of TV and listened to a LOT of audiobooks while doing that embroidery

According to her tumblr it took this clever cosplayer 300 hours to create Anna, thats true fan dedication!!

9) Sally

Photo by: Polina

This spooky cosplay works really well those legs are pretty creepy too.

10) The Little Mermaid

Photo by: Mila

This cute cosplayer not only makes her own costumes but also creates her own wigs too, she even takes orders! The outfit has really lovely little details especially the hand made shell bra with the jewell details.

11) Dumbo

Photo by: Norman Chan

Hey, are we looking at the same image here? It looks like the surrounding people are totally unaware of this creative costume.

12) Maleficent

Photo by: Nerdreactor

Maleficent has been cosplayed so many times recently after the release of the film starring Angelina Jolie in 2014. However, I think this cosplayer has done a great job with her version of Maleficent.

13) Belle:

Photo by: Mydisneydaze

Here is little Lane Rouch. Her parents are self confessed 'Disnerds'. Lane's mum spends hours creating the costumes for her daughter to wear to Disney World, up-cycling and recycling material which she finds in thrift stores.

So here we have it, a collection of die-hard creative fans, with the ability to transform themselves into doppelgangers of their favourite characters.


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