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So I been thinking about my top 5 favorite superheroes and it was pretty hard to choose just 5 .....but after long time i finally choose just 5.

Number 1 is ........... Iron Man

I actually don't know why Iron Man is best to me but I guess that I fall in love with Iron Man movies so there's no way that someone ever be that awesome like him in any kind of way ;)

Number 2 is .......... Hulk

He took second place because I always find him strong and in some not understanding way fanny , so yeah I like him as my second best superhero ..

Number 3 is .......... Thor

Well for me Thor is amazing and I always consider him as most powerful defender of Earth so that is reason why I put him at 3. place.....

Number 4 is ..... Captain America

Why do I like Captain America ? Answer of that question I don't know very well but I think that it is because of move The Winter Soldier since then I really consider him as pretty awesome superhero ...

And number 5 is ......... Black Widow

Why she ? Mostly I like her because she is the best and because she is strong and smart superhero in any kind of way ..

This was my top 5 favorite superheroes. It was short because I made myself to choose just 5 heroes.... I liked to know who is your best superhero, you can write it in comments or you can write your own post about it ;)


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