ByDanny Birdsall, writer at

For the past 5 years people have been begging and begging and begging to Bethesda Softworks to make a Fallout 4, and this week we got the official announcement and a trailer and people went nuts with joy!...For about 5 minutes before everyone started complaining "THE GRAPHICS ARE COMPLETE SHIT!!!!!" which is whiney 12 year old for "This game's graphics have not made a huge leap in quality since the previous game" now of course this is all based on a trailer, the graphics could easily improve from now till then, but more importantly, if you are someone who is behaving like this, stop acting like a brat. I've never understood this obsession with graphics, unless the game looks like it was made in 2002 by one guy then stop complaining, as long as the graphics are competent that's enough for me. I've always looked at great graphics as the flake that comes with the ice cream, it's a nice feature, but i'm not going to dislike the content if it's not there. If i were to judge games based on graphics then i'd lose 75% of my favourite games, am i not allowed to play games that came out 10 years ago because the graphics aren't up to standards? Now i know you're going to say that's a different situation because the technology wasn't as good as it is now, but doesn't that prove how pointless it is to complain about graphics? That's the first quality that's going to get dated, you think in 5 years anyone is going to give a shit if Fallout 4 had to top of the line graphics? No, because even if they did, they wouldn't be top of the line anymore.

You know what does matter when criticising a game? Gameplay and story, you know, the elements that give a game it's longevity and unique style and experience. Fallout 3 wasn't remembered for it's cutting edge graphics, but the unique enviornment and endless replayability. Let's be honest, even if this trailer had unbelievable graphics, no one would believe it, they'd assume it was graphics for the trailer and the game isn't going to be as good. Would you really prefer that? Do you want them to lie to you at the start just so you get disappointed later? If you know now the graphics are just good, not great, then you won't be surprised later on and can't complain about it. So to sum up, if graphics are really all that matter to you, stop acting like a little kid who doesn't like their Christmas present because it's the wrong colour.



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