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If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
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Was recently watching AMC Indie Spotlight for what was the first time ever after many months of watching AMC's daily Movie Talk section and by watching the Indie Spotlight, the results couldn't have been better. They mentioned a new short film that was supported by 'KickStarter' called KUNG FURY (2015).

Kung Fury is directed by David Sanberg and follows the story of Detective Kung Fury as he tries to take down the worst criminal of all time, Kung Fuhrer Hitler in a Swedish martial arts comedy whilst having the roots of an 80's Cop movie blended with a retro video game.

The movie originally had a goal of $200,000 in order to support the film and make sure it's production went smoothly, but when the internet made a move, the film managed to exceed the original goal by $400,000 bringing it to an incredible sum total of $600,000 and so, production commenced.

This is something you cannot miss out on, it's definitely worth 30minutes of your 24 hour day and here's why.

(Don't panic the movie is at the bottom of the page)

The Variety of Completely Different Quirky Characters

Okay this is one of the movies greatest aspects, there are all different characters from all different places, for example, THERE ARE freakin' laser shooting Dinosaurs, a Ninja, the Nazi Party, a Dragon, a hacker, female vikings with guns, the Son of Odin and God of Thunder Thor AND DAVID HASSLEHOFF.

This collection of completely different and random characters brings out the humour in this film, it immediately sets the tone and what you'd expect from the movie. It's not like having a romance which has elements of time travel, it's not dumb like that, Kung Fury utilises its different characters in an effective and interesting way, you can accept the dumb and unoriginal names because the tone of movie is clear and obvious.

Avengers Ass- what
Avengers Ass- what

Meeting each new character almost added another laugh to the film, one character 'Triceratop' is a Police officer in the 1985 Miami city (where the film is based) and the character consists of a Dinosaur head, a human body with a posh British accent. Where did this idea come from? I have no idea, but it works! Surprisingly it just makes the film more enjoyable instead of it being one of those rolling of the eyes moments that we all dread in comedies.

The Cinematography and Special Effects

The cinematography in this film is fantastic, it blends a retro video game look with reality and looks visually stunning. Whilst watching the short film, you might see that each character is looking a bit fuzzy around the edges but fear not! This isn't a lack of effort or a cheap camera, this is what makes the film so unique and intriguing, each character looks great and modern but at the same time looks like it would all fit perfectly in a retro arcade game, or at least a remaster.

Some of the scenes are in-fact shot like a video game with our perspective being the same as a 'Street Fighter' game, it emphasises on the films core roots of a video game inspired style and look.

Kicking Nazi-Ass in Converse, f*ck yeah.
Kicking Nazi-Ass in Converse, f*ck yeah.

Each location has a sense of identity to it, no location is the same as the next, each is unique and each has a different helms a different part of the story, I think Sandberg has done this perfectly to ensure that audiences don't feel over saturated with the same retro video game style fuzziness to each scene, as great as it may be.

The Likeness of Detective Kung Fury himself

In the last decade, 'Batman' has become increasingly popular with Nolan's critically acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy and I feel like some of Batman's likeness has been put into the main character, Kung Fury. Whilst watching him take on endless amounts of Nazi's, the deepness of his voice along side his origin story, I definitely felt like there were similarities between the two characters.

Kung Fury's fallen friend was 'like a Father' to him and is then killed by a criminal in an alley, right before Kung Fury is shocked by lightning and bitten by a cobra, which gives him access to special powers that he then uses to avenge his friends death and using his powers to take on crime. Batman's backstory is that his parents or making the link to 'Father' are killed by a criminal in an alley and therefore Batman's anger is used to take down and take on crime.

They even kinda look similar
They even kinda look similar

Batman is a badass crime fighter and so is Kung Fury, even though there are similarities, it doesn't take away from the film because both are great characters and besides, who doesn't love Batman!

The Story

Don't get me wrong everyone loves a good interesting and complex plot from time to time, but Kung Fury is one of the movies where you can just turn your mind off and just enjoy the on screen action on a lazy sunday afternoon. The short film has a pretty crappy story but its told in such an ingenious way that it is actually enjoyable to sit through, I never felt like I was bored or that I was wasting my time. I mean who wouldn't love an American detective with superpowers that travels back in time to fight Nazi's? Here's the synopsis.

In 1985, Kung Fury, the toughest martial artist cop in Miami, goes back in time to kill the worst criminal of all time - kung fuhrer Hitler.
Definitely cooler than a TARDIS.
Definitely cooler than a TARDIS.

The Laughs Just Keep on coming!

From the minute go, Kung Fury keeps the laugh coming, keeping that smile permanently on my face. The film never takes itself too seriously and remains self-aware of its hilarious and intentional cheese throughout.

The film uses several different cliches and puns but they are used well and add to the films enjoyment, in fact if they weren't there, it would have felt like something was missing because this is based off an 80s cop movie is it not? So I say to hell with critics, embrace the puns. I mean has anyone ever told you, "not to hassle the hoff?".

David Sanberg being the new kid on the block performed brilliantly with his debut into cinema and his performance as Kung Fury. This short 30 minute film takes 'creative vision' to a whole new level, it proves that even you might have a silly concept, it can still be amazing (with the addition of megabucks that is).

Kung Fury was a short, sweet and by the ending it left me wanting so much more. Well done to all the team who brought this masterpiece together.

Thanks for reading guys and you check out the movie for free, here!

You can leave me if a comment and tell me what you thought of both Kung Fury and this post if you like :) Have a good day!


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