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Everyone who has seen a Disney movie knows that usually the main protagonist is a child who has lost their parents in some tragic or unknown way. However, the parents of Disney have actually taught us valuable lessons. Below is a definitive ranking of the top 5 Disney Parents, and the greatest lessons that they taught us.

5. Maurice

Description: Maurice is one of the main character's in Beauty and the Beast and is father to Belle. His inspirational inventions and caring, but misunderstood, disposition makes him a great dad.

Status: Alive

Lesson: Effort- keep trying your best to get the things you were destined to receive, whether that be Maurice's inventions, Belle saving his father, or Beast becoming a human again.

4. Pongo & Perdita

Description: These dogs appeared in 101 Dalmations, and they are all about teaching their children. Lets face it, raising 99 puppies isn't easy! They make great parents, even though they are a couple of dalmations!

Status: Pongo- Alive, Perdita- Alive

Lesson: Loyalty- remember who you are, and whose you are. Always love your friends and family with respect.

3. The King and Queen of Arendelle

Description: The King and Queen of Arendelle are Elsa and Ana's parents in the film Frozen.

Status: King- Deceased, Queen- Deceased

Lesson: Control- you are the only one who can control your emotions and fate in life.

2. The Great Prince of the Forest & Bambi's Mother

Description: The Great Prince of the Forest and Bambi's mother are the parents of the fawn, Bambi, in the movie Bambi.

Status: The Great Prince of the Forest- Alive, Bambi's Mother- Deceased

Lesson: Patience- never rush anything and cherish everything, because life is short but love is forever

1. Mufasa & Sarabi

Description: Mufasa and Sarabi are king and queen of the Pride Lands and parents of Simba, the future king, in The Lion King.

Status: Mufasa- Deceased, Sarabi- Alive

Lesson: The Circle of Life- everyone lives and dies in life, but we can always love, remember, and cherish the memories made with them.

Honorable Mentions---------------------

Tarzan's Parents

Description: Tarzan's human parents died in a battle with the cheetah, Sabor, and Tarzan's adopted gorilla parents, Kala and Kerchak, took Tarzan in, in the film Tarzan. Both sets of parents deserve honorable mentions.

Status: Humans- Deceased, Gorilla Mother- Alive, Gorilla Father- Deceased

Lesson: Courage- stay strong and live your life. If you love others, protect and take care of them with all of your stregth.


Description: Marlin is the father to Nemo in the film Finding Nemo. Marlin loses his wife to a terrible barracuda attack, but he is still there for Nemo. He cares for Nemo by desperately searching for him in the movie.

Status: Alive

Lesson: Caring- never give up on the ones you love, life may throw you something you don't agree with, but always spread the love.


Which Parent is the Best?


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