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When I first saw this trailer for Cabrito, I had absolutely no idea what to make it of it. The quick look includes a menacing prayer, unsettling laughter, and flashes of (presumably) animal flesh with most scenes bathed in disorienting colors. For Cabrito, the devil appears to be in the details, so I had to do a quick investigation.

While I can't find much about the film outside of director Luciano de Azevedo's Vimeo profile, I had to look up the English translation of "cabrito." It turns out that a cabrito is a roast goat kid, and the common preparation sees the whole carcass split open and impaled on a spit.

Flickr user jacerdat
Flickr user jacerdat

With this image in mind, let's check out the trailer for indie horror Cabrito.

Here's a quick breakdown of what we see.

It all starts with a prayer

With the Virgin Mary on our side, not much can go wrong, right? ...Right?

Well, except for death

My Catholic upbringing tells me that the prayer usually goes something like "pray for us sinner now and at the hour of our death." It seems like those those two instances are one in the same for Cabrito.

Satan's work is at play

But his influence remains unnervingly mysterious.

Is this the woman who danced with the Devil?

The trailer cuts across multiple nameless people before upping the creep factor.

A terrifying masked man sits in bed

What are his motives? Whose blood is slathered all over him?

Could this be a quick look at him?

He's breaking the rules, but does that mean he's a killer?

He's got an affinity for animal carcasses

And he seems to wear them for some sort of demonic ritual.

In the end, I have no idea what this movie is about

But I'm definitely intrigued.


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