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UPDATED 3/1/2016: If you're not soaring and flying right now, you're about to be! 'High School Musical 4' officially began casting today, according to Variety. Yes, it's been 10 years since the first film premiered, but the latest film will showcase an entire new generation.

I have no shame in admitting that as a drama kid, yes, I was completely into the first High School Musical film. I bought the soundtrack, I could hit every note Gabriella sang, and I could do Sharpay's dance routines in my sleep.

Get it, Troy Bolton!

Besides the fact that we all secretly hoped to be in a relationship like Gabriella/Troy (Vanessa Hudgens/Zac Efron, since it was widely known that their relationship off screen mirrored the films), we also completely wished our high schools would randomly burst into song and choreographed dance.

Now I'm 24 years old and working an office job, yet I still have hope that my co-workers will somehow break into an emotional song-and-dance number.

Remember how Troy and Gabriella first met? It was truly love at first sight.

Wondering what the cast and crew are up to now? We have the answers for you!

Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella Montez)

Following: Drake & Josh; The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody; High School Musical 2; High School 3: Senior Year; Robot Chicken; Sucker Punch; Spring Breakers; Machete Kills; Gimme Shelter

Fun fact: Don't take Hudgens for the squeamish type. She really enjoys watching horror films.

Zac Efron (Troy Bolton)

Following: The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody; The Replacements; Hairspray; High School Musical 2; High School Musical 3: Senior Year; Robot Chicken; 17 Again; Entourage; Charlie St. Cloud; New Year's Eve; Liberal Arts; The Lorax; The Lucky One; The Paperboy; That Awkward Moment; Neighbors; We Are Your Friends; Dirty Grandpa

Fun fact: Efron is a baseball enthusiast and considers his autographed baseball collection his most prized possession.

Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay Evans)

Following: Hannah Montana; Kim Possible; High School Musical 2; The Tuttles: Madcap Misadventures; Picture This; The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody; High School Musical 3: Senior Year; Suite Life On Deck; The Cleveland Show; Family Guy; Hellcats; Raising Hope; Sons Of Anarchy; Scary Movie 5; Saving Santa; Super Fun Night; Robot Chicken; Sabrina: Secrets Of A Teenage Witch; Young And Hungry; Phineas And Ferb; Clipped; Drive, She Said

Fun fact: This multi-talented gal created a reality TV series, which was produced by her production company Blondie Girl Productions. It's called Miss Advised.

Lucas Grabeel (Ryan Evans)

Following: Veronica Mars; Return To Halloweentown; High School Musical 2; The Real Son; College Road Trip; The Adventures Of Food Boy; High School Musical 3: Senior Year; Milk; Smoke Break; I Killed A Vampire; Dancing Ninja; The Cleveland Show; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; Smallville; Robot Chicken; Pound Puppies; Pilot Season; Switched At Birth; Family Guy

Fun fact: Grabeel is originally from Missouri. He attended Kickapoo High School, which is the same high school Brad Pitt went to!

Corbin Bleu (Chad Danforth)

Following: Flight 29 Down; Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide; High School Musical 2; High School Musical 3: Senior Year; Hannah Montana; Free Style; Fineas And Ferb; The Good Wife; The Little Engine That Could; To Write Love on Her Arms; Twinkle Toes; Blue Bloods; Sugar; One Life To Live; Franklin & Brash; Psych; Drop Dead Diva; Megachurch Murder

Fun fact: Bleu's father is David Reivers of Desperate Housewives, Poseidon, Charmed, and so much more.

Monique Coleman (Taylor McKessie)

Following: The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody; High School Musical 2; High School 3: Senior Year; Bones; The Cleveland Show; Free The Nipple; Noami And Ely's No Kiss List; We Are Family

Fun fact: Coleman married Walter Jordan on Valentine's Day 2012, in a private ceremony on Koh Samui, Thailand. How romantic does that sound!

I couldn't help it. There are too many amazing Troy Bolton gifs to count.

As I finish typing this up, I survey my co-workers. I try to have their eyes meet mine. This could be the moment. We might finally break out into a full-fledged dance number!

It's been five minutes and nothing has happened. Better luck tomorrow, maybe?


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