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Batman is undoubtedly one of the classiest superheroes in the DC Universe. Let's not forget, when he's not cleaning up the streets of Gotham, Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy with a beautiful house, a Butler, and more high-end gadgetry than you can shake a stick at.

In this unforgettable series of paintings, Vartan Garnikyan ups the class-factor even further by capturing The Dark Knight in some of history's most iconic paintings. Garnikyan also chose to include some of Batman's less-sophisticated adversaries, such as The Joker and Sandman, in his jaw-dropping art.

"American Gotham"

One of the most iconic paintings of all time, American Gothic by Grant Wood, is given a comical update by depicting Batman pacifying Scarecrow (or, at least, what appears to be a woman in Scarecrow's signature facial wear). The attention to detail is truly astounding, particularly the fine grain on Scarecrow's mask. The bat-shaped weathervane and pattern on Scarecrow's dress are particularly nice touches.

"Hello, Beautiful"

Whether or not the Mona Lisa is smiling has been the subject of debate for centuries. In Garnikyan's version, she's almost undoubtedly smiling - but the sinister motives behind the smile are up for debate. The "HA! HA!"s smeared all over the background look a lot like Jared Leto's Joker's chest tattoos and add an extra layer of creepy to this chilling-but-awesome image.

"The Creation of Batman"

In Garnikyan's version of The Birth of Adam, God foresakes Adam to stare at the bat symbol, with a reverent tear in his eye. Explaining his motivation for this painting, Garnikyan explained: "They say God created Adam in his image, right? I’m sure all Batman fans would agree (at least I do) that God’s image of a man… was Batman. If you take things like morals and integrity into consideration, I’m not too far off."

"Screaming Leto"

The most recent actor to take up the gauntlet of playing Batman's most formidable foe also gets the high-art treatment. Given Jared Leto's pose in the now infamous promo shot, he was practically begging (screaming?) to be transformed in Edvard Munch's The Scream.

"Starry Knight"

This image of Heath Ledger's Joker in the style on Van Gogh is definitely a personal favorite. The wonderful colors and the way the Joker blends seamlessly into the night sky make this painting particularly breathtaking. Garnikyan says: "This took me about 3 months to paint, and another year of on-and-off edits whenever my eye would catch something." A hefty undertaking, but one which undoubtedly paid off.


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