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Over the years, the incredible artists at DC have provided us with thousands of stunning pages of art. It comes as no surprise that so many die-hard DC fans have decided to wear these masterpieces proudly on their body, sharing their passion with the world.

When tattoos are bad, they're hilarious. When they're as great as these, they're works of art. The eight tattoos below number amongst the best tattoos in the DC fandom - from pop art to Van Gogh, from photo realism to greyscale, each one is unique and breathtaking to look at. If you're thinking about getting your favorite hero etched on your body, hopefully this list will provide some inspiration.

1. The Dark Knight

This has got to be one of the best tattoos I've ever seen, DC-related or otherwise. The use of shade, the movement in Batman's cape - this tattoo is truly exquisite.

2. Justice League

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash all join forces on this killer sleeve. I love the use of the pop art-style dots between the panels to fill in the blank space - they definitely give this piece a more classic look.

3. The Joker

This Joker is the absolutely spitting image of the iconic scene from 'The Killing Joke' - I'm seriously in awe of the tattoo artist who pulled this off so well.

4. Incredible DC Full-Back

This is just amazing. I could probably write a full article about everything I love about this tattoo - the use of color, the character selections, the way the Superman logo in the center brings the whole thing together... it's truly a work of art. The owner of this tattoo must've put some serious time, money and pain into making this a reality, but I'd say his investment definitely paid off.

5. Catwoman

This Catwoman tattoo looks like it was lifted straight off the page. The line work and incredible attention to detail are simply stunning.

6. Batman/Van Gogh

This clever mix of Batman and "Starry Night" by Van Gogh is as beautiful as it is original.

7. Gotham Sleeve

This sleeve required some serious ink, dedication, and discomfort for this guy, but the end result is undoubtedly awesome.

8. Wonder Woman

This realistic rendering is almost as stunning as the woman herself. I love the attention to detail here, particularly the shadowing.


Which of these tattoos is your favorite?


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