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So you're the head of China's most popular internet provider, you've got a personal fortune of 390 million euros and you're a massive Star Trek fan. What do you do next?

Well, the obvious answer is this: build a new office that looks exactly like the Starship Enterprise.

That's exactly that NetDragon Wesbsoft's CEO Liu Dejian did to the tune of a whopping 100 million euros. The former smartphone entrepreneur decided that his company needed to boldly go to the final frontier of architecture by commissioning a new office in the shape of Star Trek's most famous spaceship. Check it out below:

The Star Trek obsessed tycoon's love for the show was sparked when he was studying chemistry at the University of Kansas. Since leaving the university he went on to sell his burgeoning smartphone company for 1.2 billion euros, giving Dejian the chance to take his new found obsession to far beyond the 'next level'.

As well as looking like the Enterprise on the exterior, the building, which took 6 years to complete, also features 30-foot metal slides between the levels and automatic sliding doors.

However, there's no word on teleporters, tractor beams or food replicators.

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