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Meet Tornado Windstorm

“ I’m not one to get mad easily, but when I do get winded up, I can guarantee you
that things will start spinning out of control.” – Tornado Windstorm
Tornado Windstorm
Tornado Windstorm

Tornado Windstorm is the youngest daughter of the infamous Windstorm Sky Raiders. Her father Lord Airek was the head of the Windstorm Sky Raiders who were notorious for causing disasters among the Earth. His wife Tempest who accompanied her husband on many of his expeditions would often lure many of her enemies in by the sweet mocking sound of her voice. No one could refuse Lady Tempest voice. It was as haunting and beautiful as she was. When Tempest finally has them right where she wants them, she leads them into the mist where she gives them the option to join the Windstorm Sky Raiders, or to be swallowed by the Darkness. Many of them join, but those who don’t wish that they had. Those who go into the darkness are never seen or heard of again.

Tornado admired her mother’s beauty and charm when it came to luring victims away from their own habitats. Unlike her mother, she didn’t have the power to lure her victims in by the sound of her voice. This upset Tornado for she wanted nothing more than to be like her mom. Those who belonged to the Windstorm Sky Raiders all admired Tempest more than they did their own Lord and Leader Airek. Airek considered himself the luckiest man in all Windstorm Sky Raider history. But as he watched his young daughter spend so much time with her mother, he became jealous. Although he is the Lord of all the Sky Raiders that didn’t stop him from being somewhat intimidated by his Wife.

One day, when his wife and daughter had been out training, he decided that he will lead the Windstorm Sky Raiders in battle against their arch rivals; The Hurucan Palm Protectors. When Tempest heard what Airek had done, it was she who banished him from Windstorm Heights. His mistake was her gain, and now she rules the Windstorm Heights Kingdom alongside her daughter Tornado.

Tempest trained her daughter day and night. She became very frustrated with Tornado, as she did not pick up the skills as quickly as the others. Instead whenever she was assigned to do a simple task, she simply couldn’t handle it and things were literally spinning out of control. No matter how hard she tried, the more frustrated she became. This only made matters worse for those in Windstorm Heights. Tempest saw her daughter grow worse and worse. Many of her loyal subjects thought it would be best if they got rid of Tornado like they did Airek. Tempest refused to do so, considering that Tornado was still her daughter and that if she did then the Windstorm Height Kingdom will hopelessly fall apart.

It was then Tempest decided that she shall send Tornado to a special school. This school had kids like her who have yet to learn how to harness their powers. Saddened by her mother’s orders, Tornado left Windstorm Heights with a broken heart. However, when she got to the school she would soon learn that her broken heart shall be put back together soon.


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