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First of all I've never seen a Mad Max movie before this, I was aware of it but never really saw it. This is one of those movies where it doesn't bother with exposition and just throws you right in the middle of it. You get the setup but it's not necessarily clearly spelled out. Sometimes this works and other times it doesn't because there are times in the beginning with the marauders where they have these bizarre rituals like spraying this stuff on their mouths that makes them all chromed out and then shouting about witnesses and then sacrificing themselves. While it is interesting and certainly different, it had me scratching my head about what was going on. They threw in all these terms without explanation and while it didn't detract from the movie, part of me wanted an explanation.

But all that aside, the movie is an intense thrill ride, there's enough vehicular carnage and explosions to make you go, "You sure this isn't a Michael Bay Film?"

I swear he had a hand in this somewhere...
I swear he had a hand in this somewhere...

That's actually strangely a complement because my inner eight year old was grinning and roaring on the inside at every over the top stunt, for the first half of the movie. This movie is a case of where there is actually TOO much action, and this is coming from a guy who likes Transformers and Fast and Furious talking for the record. I can break the movie up like this, 5% set up 95% explosions, and visual mayhem. That's not say the plot isn't good or anything it's just that there's so much carnage in the first half and not enough breaks between the over-the-top explosion fest that the action in the second half just loses its wow factor because the movie sort of showed you all it's cards in the beginning.

I'd recommend the movie to anybody who loves seeing things blow up, spiral out of control, beautiful visuals, and destruction, there's enough of that in here it might make you go watch a Rom-Com afterwards because action overload.


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