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Jordan Owen

The transformers cinematic universe is a massive franchise with billions of dollars worth of investments made into this hugely popular film series and these films are about to get bigger.We are privileged for new ideas and stories to develop around the characters we know and love within our lifetime as paramount has announced the development of a true cinematic universe to be developed in a similar fashion to the Marvel and DC cinematic universe. Leading this rising project is award winning Akiva Goldsman whose writing credits include I am Legend, Paranormal Activity 2,3 and 4, the DaVinci Code, A beautiful Mind and I, robot. Anyone familiar with these films can see how this particular story telling can influence a new and fresh approach to the transformers films, but its not just Mr. Goldsman at the writing helm. A number of amazing writers have also joined the writing team such as Robert Kirkman, known for the walking Dead as well as a number of writers known for working on Marvel properties such as Ironman, the Incredible Hulk, Antman, and X-men, Lost, the Amazing Spiderman and Wizard of OZ stories. For those familiar with all of these properties it begins to draw a picture as to what particular tone of story telling they are going for, and it is really exciting to consider the direction that future transformers films are taking. From what I gather from this team, it appears that they are going for a more dramatic and possibly more realistic style of story telling with all the fun of hasbro mixed in to make the films as exciting as it has always been for fans as well as exciting as it can be. So far there has already been talks of a ''Bumblebee'' spinoff, an all female transformers spinoff, a prequel, transformers 5 and a Cybertron set film. What do you think? Are there any particular ideas and stories that you think will be exciting for for the future of transformers? I would love for their to spinoffs of popular characters such as Jetfire, Grimlock and the Dinobots and Cliffjumper! And how about the potential directors for the films? As there is no guarantee of Michael Bay continuing the franchise what other directors could be considered to match the fun and mechanized mayhem that he has introduced to the films? There have been rumours of Jonathan Liebesman taking over for transformers 5, but how about the spinoffs? During production of Transformers Age of Extinction, before Michael Bay returned on board to direct, a couple of names such as David Yates and Louis Leterrier were considered, these two have the style that works really well with these films and may be worth considering as directors. Jon Favreau, Justin Lin would be good, big directors with awesome directing styles that have the potential to energise the films and make for amazing story telling. What would you think of Patty Jenkins for the female spinoff?

This series has exciting potential, what other directors and writers could be considered for this film franchise, any thoughts?


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