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Well spoiler alert this movie is amazing. It did everything I wanted it to and I actually would put this as higher than the first Avengers as far as movies go because Ultron personally is a much better villain than Loki. Loki isn't a bad villain but he just didn't seem like the guy where you needed all the marvel character's to come handle him, Ultron is more of that kind of villain. He's smart, vicious, oddly charming and he is the villain where you need the whole crew to jack him up.

Yeah we need the whole crew for this guy
Yeah we need the whole crew for this guy

I was actually a bit worried because the first teaser trailer for Age of Ultron was so dark part of me was like, "oh lord is this the Christopher Nolan/ Zach Snider Avenger's film?" Thank god it wasn't. Joss Weadon kept the jokes and humor, even though I suppose it's a tad darker than Avengers, it still keeps the feel good vibe I loved about the first movie. Iron Man quips, Thor is Thor, Black Widow takes care of business and looks good while doing it, and Hawkeye, actually has a part in this film I won't spoil because it sort of redeems him because initially I felt he was just there.

And then there are the twins non X-men Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, surprisingly Avenger's Quicksilver is just as amusing as X-Men Quicksilver and his bantering with Hawkeye is really funny. Scarlet Witch is an interesting character because they gave her great character motivation as to why she has it out for the Avengers and you actually find it a little hard to argue with her. Also this movie lays some groundwork for Thor Ragnarok and the inevitable Infinity Wars part 1 which I'm looking forward to.

Also there's some great cameos in there too and they also give us a good Black Panther nod, would've been cool if he popped up or something but hey his movie's coming at some point.

My only negative critique, is the one I sort of had with Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen, the magic of the first Avengers movie was that you finally get to see all these characters united in a meta crossover movie and to my knowledge that simply hasn't been done before. Now for round two we've already seen that so we know it works and ti just sort of lost some of that magic. Like Transformers, the real thrill of it was just seeing how these robots were going to look and you were blown away at how real it looked, and in the second one the magic faded a bit.

I would still recommend it and I can't wait for Civil War and all the other marvel movies, except for Ant Man I'm on the fence about that guy.


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