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SOA, Sons of Anarchy is the loose modern update of Hamlet. It's a bit absurd at times and a bit melodramatic. It's also violent, dark, gut wrenching and sad. It's full of great lines, hilarious moments and generally awesome music. Aside from the soundtrack, I've just described Hamlet. We exalt Shakespearean tragedies as being just this side of perfection while in truth they are melodramatic, absurd, dark, violent, funny etc.

If you haven't seen SOA, please do. Please see it to enjoy the ride. Don't expect the perfection of Shakespeare, seek out the sheer entertainment value of a high adrenaline highly addictive show.

The series manages to introduce us to a world so far removed from most people's reality, and then holds us on the line. In a show about criminals and "bad people who do bad things" we find ourselves rooting for the enemy.

We follow the journey of it's protagonist from happy go lucky 1% club member into his darkness. The acting is exceptional. The writing is sharp. The plots are at times outrageous and often subplots go nowhere other than to shock us. Yet, you can't stop watching. You can't stop rewatching. It's that good.


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