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Well it's no secret Amazing Spider-Man 2 flopped at the box office, got negative reviews, and the future of the series is in question and now Marvel and Sony are teaming up to put Spider-Man in the MCU. But actually I really want the Amazing Spider-Man series to continue, I know people want it to end and everything but I actually didn't entirely hate Amazing Spider-Man 2. I like that this series has a central threat: Oscorp, and I like that these movies were building to something, unlike the Sam Rami trilogy which honestly you could watch those movies out of order and it wouldn't matter. I'm not blind to the flaws Amazing Spider-Man 2 has but I was still entertained by it and the way it ended just begs for 3. I like Jamie Fox as Electro, even though I feel like he wasn't as much of a threat to Spider-Man as I would've liked. Even the Green Goblin I thought was done better than the Sam Rami version, especially since he has such a strong opening with Spider-Man technically winning the battle but losing at the same time. My biggest complaint with Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the run time and this is really because of the Gwen Stacey Peter Parker melodrama was taking up too much of the story.

Yes I enjoy seeing these two on screen but you know what I enjoy even more? Spider-Man, this is where the Sam Rami Spider-Man movies started to go bad with me, they became too much like a soap opera and I started to forget I was watching a superhero movie. Thankfully this film didn't slip that far into boring melodrama but I feel like they should've cut a good majority of their scenes out and invested that time into Electro or the Green Goblin because I came to see Spider-Man fight with those guys.

The Rhino thing I was bit pissed off about initially but afterwards I was excited for it because now it gives me more of a reason to look forward to whatever Sony is about to come out with next. The Sinister Six idea is interesting and I really want to see where that goes because to my knowledge it hasn't been done yet, even though I think Suicide Squad is trying to do it too.

A movie about a group of villains gathering to kill Spider-Man sounds like gold right there, especially if it's like the Spider-Man equivalent of the Empire Strikes Back and Spider-Man doesn't come out on top or goes home limping. I want a movie where we're actually questioning if the hero is going to make it out alive.

I'm also pumped for that venom movie because the Sam Rami venom treatment was god-awful and venom is easily one of my favorite characters. So no I'm not entirely excited about the Marvel Sony deal if it means I don't get a satisfying conclusion to this series, plus it means now the MCU has to write in Spider-Man in a way so he fits in a universe that was just fine without him, I' m sure Marvel will pull it off but I still want this series to be finished. Maybe they can be separate universes and Amazing Spider-Man is in some alternate universe thing like comic books are known for all the time.


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