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I know I know you're shocked I'm giving this game such a low score and probably damming me to eternal hell fire for a mediocre score of a game that is CLEARLY the pinnacle of video games as an art form and is immune to all forms of criticism. Please take a deep breath, this is my opinion of the game, and apparently it's an unpopular opinion but I'm going to voice it anyway because I honestly cannot see why this game is getting 9's 10 out of 10's and GAME OF THE YEAR awards.

Here's the first problem I have with The Last of Us, this game is trying to be the Walking Dead. Sure they have a different type of enemy who aren't technically zombies and the whole fugal thing which is based of an actual fungus that does this in insects is interesting. The problem is the infected aren't the main focus it's people, exactly like Walking Dead, in fact Joel is basically Rick Grimes with a deeper voice and a little more grit and, like Rick is mentally unstable. Although to be honest I think it's hard to maintain sanity in all of this on your plate. But the majority of the game is spent walking , talking, and shooting random human marauders who for some reason seem to be more numerous than the infected. Can you see the Walking Dead parallels here?

My second problem is the game play itself, when I hear a game getting such praise like this, I expect some really out of the box or just incredibly satisfying game play. What I get is essentially Gears of War with fewer monsters, no regenerating health (that's actually a plus in my books), and boring generic human enemies who really don't have any variety as to how you take them down. All in all it's just really not fun which is the whole reason I play video games is to have fun and this game just wasn't fun and whenever it got close to being fun, usually when the infected do show up, the fun's over too quickly because you'll get whisked away into a long cut scene to get me to care about Joel who is somehow less likable than Kratos from God of War, and Ellie who is actually likable and is helpful.

For the record I don't dislike narrative driven games, I play Mass Effect, but when the game itself if you take away the story element isn't actually fun to play and becomes pretty stale about halfway through, I have a problem.

And the story itself I found really cliche to the point where I was calling out things that I guess we're supposed to be surprises about an hour or so before they happened. For example the reason why you're protecting Ellie (I won't spoil it but five bucks says you figure it out before the game tells you), and then there's the whole Joel's daughter thing and why he's a jerk to Ellie for like two hours which was so cliche I was practically hitting myself in the face and looking through my game collection to find something actually FUN!

Then there's the god-awful ending, and I say god-awful because its one of those endings where the cut scenes are implying that you have a choice in the end, when really you only have two choices, do I just kill the one innocent guy threatening me or kill them all. Which doesn't matter because regardless the same ending plays out where Joel loses all likability for me and the game sets up a sequel it doesn't need, even though naughty dog is going ahead with it anyways.

This game got endless praise for its story but the story never does anything surprising or really out of the box. I even lost interest with the infected in the game when I realized there are only three types and one of them is like a mini-boss and only shows up occasionally and only requires more bullets to kill and for you to move around a bit. Wasted opportunity there, if there was ever a spot where this game could've blown me away, it was there but sadly it didn't they could've had a special infected boss monster, maybe it could've been stalking you the entire game and we could've gotten more of a sense of urgency as you know it's following you and throughout the game you've only managed to hold it off until you can get away or something like that. This is a case where narrative overpowered the game , because the game honestly could've been more fun and more exciting but the drab bleak narrative wouldn't let it!

So there's my opinion of this game, do with it as you will.


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