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On the CW series the Flash, Cisco Ramon is the wise cracking tech genius of team Flash. However, in the comics, Cisco is the hero known as Vibe. He can see through all the vibrations of the universe, which involves looking into other timelines or universes. He can also give powerful blasts of sonic vibrations. Now, how will movie loving Cisco turn into a powerful hero?

In episode 15 Cisco got suspicions that Dr. Wells was working with the Reverse Flash. He starts tinkering with the trap that failed to contain the Reverse Flash and discovered the Reverse Flash there that night was a hologram. Then Wells, who is in a wheel chair "paralyzed" walks in and explains everything, including the fact he is the Reverse Flash to Cisco, before killing him. The Flash undid that event accidentally going back in time to the day before. A few episodes later, Cisco starts getting weird dreams where the Reverse Flash kills him after he learns too much.

At the end of episode 19, he informs Team Flash about his dreams. They then create these glasses that allow him to go into his dream. They learn everything that happened that day and set a trap for Wells. Wells plans ahead though and uses a shapeshifting meta-human to take his place there. Anyway, time to get to the Vibe part.

In the season finale, when Team Flash locks Wells in the Pipeline (their meta-human prison), Cisco tells Wells about his dreams, which they realized actually happened. Wells then tells Cisco that he was also affected by the Particle Accelerator and that he is also a meta-human who can see through the vibrations of the universe. So Vibe is definitely coming in season two.

Now, if it took them this long to learn Cisco is also a meta-human, how will he turn into a powerful hero? My theory is he has the power in him, but since Cisco is the tech guy, I'm guessing they enhance his powers with tech, so there will be another hero. Well, now you know how I think Vibe is gonna happen, comment if you have any ideas of your own.


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