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Welcome to the update of all things happening in the Moviepilot Community. From having phone interviews with the stars to watching early screenings of films, we're always looking to get you the coolest opportunities to get you closer to Hollywood. Here's a listing of what we've hooked you up with last week!

Last week we sent Jodi Wofford and Andrew Marco to an Insidious 3 Haunted house with their moms!

We sent Ryann Whelan to see and early screening of Spy!

Still unsure about this movie? Here's Ryann's four reasons to see Spy.

John Carter received a DVD/Blu-ray of Focus!

John says that the ratings for this movie are a too harsh, do you agree?

Tisha Eaton got a DVD/Blu-ray of Eat with Me!

Interested in this incredibly unique film? Tisha has 6 reasons you should see it now!

Matthew Bailey acquired a DVD/Blu-ray copy of Jupiter Ascending!

Want to know how Jupiter Ascending broke overused Sci-fi tropes? Read Matthew's editorial about it here.


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