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What should Tom Hardy do next ?

After his huge success with [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) the sky is the limit for Tom Hardy and his future in Hollywood and I've come up with a few roles I think he should tackle next if given the chance.

1. James Bond

I personally want Idris Elba as the next James Bond but if Christopher Nolan directs the next Bond film I think he would want a familiar face as 007.Tom Hardy would add some grit to the character , He could also change up how we see Bond as a character since Hardy is always portrayed as a brute.Hardy and Nolan could bring Bond to new heights that the character hasn't been before. Skyfall directed by the amazing Sam Mendes already had a darker feel to it and so does Spectre by the look of the teaser but if Nolan directed and Hardy was Bond it would be a sight to see.

2. The Punisher

Hardy already expressed interest in playing Frank Castle for the MCU and might I say as a Marvel fan I got to say that would be incredible.Now would he have his own film ? or would he have a Netflix show ? ...... well I think both would be amazing.Personally I would love to see a Punisher film with Hardy but phase 3 is already set so I don't know if he could do it anytime soon sadly. I'm not sure if Tom would be up for the Netflix treatment which could be better for the character since Daredevil was a success on Netflix. I think it should be a suspense / action /thriller like the Taken films , I think that's a perfect blueprint on how to go about the origin of the character whether it be film or show.Hardy would knock the role out of the park. I prefer him as The Punisher over Rick Flagg , nothing against the character but I'm glad Hardy dropped out of Suicide Squad since it's already overstuffed with actors and Hardy shouldn't play a side character since they were downgrading Rick Flagg's role.

3. Captain Picard

If Paramount decided to do a trilogy based on Star Trek : The Next Generation who better to play a young Captain Picard.Hardy played the role of a evil - Romulan - clone of the Captain so he has experience with the Trek lore. Hardy has worked with Patrick Stewart so you never know if he could help him portray his character. It would also be awesome seeing Chris Pine as Kirk and Tom Hardy as Picard go against each other since they were pretty funny to watch on screen in " This means war ".

4. Kraven the Hunter

Mathew McConaughey might be playing Norman Osborn in the next Spider-Man so I'm not sure if this were to happen in the first Spidey MCU film but imagine Hardy as Kraven in a sequel.You probably never thought about it but just imagine Hardy holding a spear and delivering a evil monologue to Spider-Man and threatening his life. Hardy has experience playing a villain since he played the role of Bane in DKR yeah but just imagine him a the brutal animal-skin wearing hunter.Kraven is one of my favorite villains in comics and I'm craving for him to appear in a Spidey film and who better to play him. Read "Kraven's Last Hunt" and picture Hardy as Kraven because he would bring some much needed depth in the villain category for the MCU.

5. Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is leaving after the next Wolverine solo film ...... I'm torn to be writing this because I once thought he was going to play the role forever but all good things have to come to an end. Who knows when and how exactly they go about the change but Hardy has that Wolverine feel to him.Out of all the roles he's played this could be the best one since of the level importance it has on the comic book movie genre. Hardy could bring some things to the table that even Jackman couldn't bring like being short since the character has always been depicted being short in stature and Hardy is 5'9 while Jackman is 6'2.Tom Hardy could get the chance to don the iconic yellow suit or he might even to be apart of the X-Force. Hardy could also can channel a soft spot like he did in Mad Max for a little bit and play sort of the father - figure role to maybe a recast-ed younger version of Rogue or Kitty Pryde.


What do you think Tom Hardy should do next ?


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