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Horror movies contain a lot of alpha males that end up being the "hero" in the end, but they also have some kick ass chicks that can end up being the real hero.

7) Lin Shaye (Insidious)

Reasons why she kicks ass: She might not necessarily "kick-ass", but she is brave as hell. Shayne plays Elise who is a medium and she risks her life by going into the further to retrieve lost children, or adults for that matter, with no hesitation. The further is pretty scary, so her bravery is the reason she made my list.

6) Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween)

Reasons why she kicks ass: Playing Michael's sister in the Halloween series, she managed to avoid him for over 20 years and that takes a lot of dedication. She also attempted to kill him multiple times, even by decapitation by ax, she never managed to but at least she tried. She could be considered one of horrors original "Scream queens" and that's pretty kick ass.

5) Morjana Alaoui (Martyrs)

Reasons why she kicks ass: She plays Anna who was a solid friend throughout the movie, never leaving Lucie's side and supporting her on her quest for vengeance. She also has so much strength mentally and physically and didn't become a victim through all the pain and torture she went through. Her will to survive was so strong, she became a martyr, and she is one kick ass chick.

4) Eliza Dushku (Wrong Turn)

Reasons why she kicks ass: Eliza Dushku, aside from being ridiculously attractive, kicked major ass in this movie. She was the brains of the group and not only that but she held everyone together and kept her cool although being hunted by a bunch of mutant hillbillies. She kicked ass not only on the big screen, but on the small screen as well playing Faith on Buffy.

3) Sarah Butler ( I Spit on Your Grave)

Reasons why she kicks ass: After she faces a traumatic gang rape, she comes back stronger than ever. She kicks ass because she decided to take justice into her own hands and made everyone who wronged her pay in the most grotesque way possible. She's her own savior and she proved to be someone you don't want to fuck with.

2) Sharni Vinson ( You're Next)

Reasons why she kicks ass: Playing Erin in You're Next, Vinson's character was a very pleasant surprise. She was originally portrayed as a sweet and vulnerable girl, but she was far from that. When things started to go south she showed a side of herself that was unexpected but extremely kick ass. She set up booby traps, killed some people and showed zero remorse for the people who put her in the position. Looks can be deceiving.

1) Milla Jovovich ( Resident Evil)

Reasons why she kicks ass: Playing Alice throughout the Resident Evil series, Jovovich has pretty much claimed the number one spot for the most kick ass chick. She is the epitome of kick ass chick. She saved hundreds if not thousands of people throughout the series, and has been able to escape the Umbrella Corporation numerous times. She's equipped with a large amount of weaponry and super strength, she is definitely someone who could handle anything thrown her way.


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