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This is my custom post credits scene for Ant-Man for the contest entry "Create Your Own Post-Credits Scene". Here we go:

After the credits stop rolling and the music stops, the screen remains black, after a while, a female news anchor's voice starts presenting about a breaking news story while the screen still remains black, the woman reads:

"In the top story today, just over 3 hours ago, the government passed the Superhuman Registration Act, this Act was initially drawn up after the events of Slovakia just over a year ago with the Avengers but was decided to be enabled after the recent collateral damage caused by the new lineup of the Avengers near Midtown following the Avengers battle with a recent supervillian who has been nicknamed 'Electro', the Act requires any active heroes to register their identity.

As she says Electro, on screen, a small TV in a bedroom appears, showing the anchor talk about the Act and how Tony Stark is in full agreement with it, while team-mate Captain Rogers is against the Act.

As she says this, the camera zooms away from the TV showing more of the bedroom, as it finishes zooming, a 15 year old boy, is seen sitting on his bed, sowing a soon to be finished Spider-Man suit, while the anchor carries on.

"The government has addressed the public about the Act over citizens fears of Vigilante's unwillingness to comply, and a video of General Ross appears on screen with him saying 'Any superhero or vigilante's unwillingness to register will lead to an arrest warrant being placed on the hero, any hero's who do register will be allowed to carry on their duties without prejudice from the public or emergency services i.e. the police. But, let me make it clear to any vigilantes against the Act, if you refuse to register, I can guarantee you. You will be met with force.'"

As General Ross says this, Peter stops sowing his suit and looks up at the TV, taking in General Ross' words, he looks at his suit and sighs, before looking out of his bedroom window to see the Avengers Tower in the background, he smiles to himself and looks at his suit again before saying to himself.

"This isn't going to end well."

Tell me what you think, I hope you like it, and I hope I win.


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