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Mad Max: Fury Road is an awesome movie! Do you agree?

I'm a cosplayer and other than making my costumes I love the make-up part. Make-up is really important if you want to really look like the character you are cosplaying.

Really often after watching a movie I think: "I absolutly need to make the cosplay of this character!" And the same happened after watching Mad Max: Fury Road.

I'm planning to make the full cosplay of Nux for a convention this summer but in the meanwhile I made a quick test of his make-up.

I'm a girl and I'm not bald (I've actually really long hair) so first I had to put on a bald cap, the scar across the nose is made with collodion and the stripes on the mouth with liquid latex. After applied everything, I started painting my face with some white aquacolor, some black around eyes and nose and a bit of red over the scar, then added the contact lenses.

This is the result of about 40 minutes of work.

Shiva Cosplay (
Shiva Cosplay (

I hope you like it and If you are curious to see some photos of the work in progress of this costume and the final result and take a look to my other cosplays, check out my cosplay page:


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