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"My name is Max. My world is fire and blood. Once, I was a cop. A road warrior searching for a righteous cause. As the world fell, each of us in our own ways were broken. It was hard to tell who was more crazy... me... or everyone else."

If you're looking for something with non-stop action, a few guitar solos, and an endless crazy car chase then perhaps the newest installment to the Mad Max franchise is for you (assuming the above quote wasn't enough to entice you already).

The film stars Tom Hardy as the title character alongside Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa, and Nicholas Holt (Beast from X-Men) as Nux. They're all being chased by Immortan Joe, played by Hugh Keays-Byrne (who played Toecutter in the original movie) due to Theron's character having saved the women Immortan Joe had imprisoned.

The chase encompasses most of the movie, with Max stumbling into the friendship with Furiosa, due to mutual goals (getting out of there!). This movie has the heart of the originals, but is able to do so much more in terms of the stunts and visuals. From beginning to end it's a feast for the eyes!

Max might not have many lines throughout the story, but he's more of a man of action than of words. The chase is kept intense throughout and the characters each serve a unique role in the journey.


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