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Luke Gordon Smith

Robert Downey Jr. is pretty much the only Iron Man that we know. And in my eyes, as well as many others, he always will be! But this Marvel legend can't do it forever. So who could replace him. I have three actors who I think could put on the armor after RDJ!

Clive Owen

This British actor has the look to pull it off, he might mot be as well known as the other actors on this list, but he can definitely pull it off. He could do an excellent job as Tony Stark and could add a different feel to the character.

Jon Hamm

This actor is the oldest on this list, but that is because he is an excellent actor. He is amazing in Mad Men and could do amazing as Iron Man. He has that charm and sophisticated look that I think Tony Stark would have.

Bradley Cooper

This fairly young actor is probably the most well known out of my list. This would be a different type of movie for this actor, but he has the chops to pull it off. I also think he could have the same type of witty humor that Robert Downey Jr. pulls off.


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