ByEmily Dachsteiner-Kempfer, writer at

When I was eight years old we were all sitting around the TV watching my brothers wrestling match and at the time most of my other brothers were walking in the door. ( I have six) I have always been into inventing things. So I was sitting at the coffee table and I had thought I had came up with a better way to write so I stuck a brand nee sharp pencil in through the lid of the candy container. It worked as good as it sounded but being I was 8 it was cool. I was sitting there and I told my mom I'm going to lay in bed.( Which wasnt my bed it was a fold out chair that made into kind of a bed for naps and things I had it downstairs in the other room where I had watched a movie the night before) . I ran in a jumped an "weehaww" as soon as I hit I screamed "daddy something stabbed me" they came running into the room, lifted me up and I had a pencil hanging out of my right leg with only the eraser showing. I was rushed into emergency surgery where the doctor told my parents it would take about 30 minutes it ended up being three hours. The doctor had to cut my quadracept muscle the wrong way and piece it back together, then piece it to my knee. I was told that if I was to ever walk again it would be with and limp and with a cane. Fortunately it didn't stop me. 2 weeks after I flipped over my walker. I have been very fortunate I had a scar that was about 2 inches deep and they did plastic surgery which made it better. I have some issues with my knees now ( I would compensate with my left knee for what my right one cant do) and my right leg at the top is still numb down to my knee. But through all through school I was able to play sports. I ended up on select softball. ( I eventually stopped all sports, because I burned my self out on them) I am now the Tball coach for my son and daughters Tball team. I remember everything to this day just like it was yesterday. I am now 25 and doing well I hate my scar but at the same time its made me the person. I am today.


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