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Everyone remembers the ending of Harry Potter right? How it would have been perfect except for that whole nineteen years later scene where they all looked really weird? Well what if it had only been there to set up a post credits scene which could lead into another series? Remember Harry's perfectly named son Albus Severus Potter?

Yeah, that's the one!
Yeah, that's the one!

Imagine this scene starting as the end credits roll:

Albus is sitting on the train with his brother James, as well as Rose (Ron and Hermione's daughter) and several other children. James is giving the younger children a rendition of how his father defeated the dark lord Voldemort (whose name no-one is afraid of anymore) and Albus smiles as he hears it for the thousandth time, with his brother becoming more elaborate and less truthful each and every time that he tells it. Albus looks out the window over the lake they are passing, and in the window we can see his reflection slowly phased out to an image of Voldemort, smiling and starting to laugh. The screen goes black.

What do you think guys? Wouldn't this have been a heartbreaking way to end the series?


Should this post credits scene have happened?


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