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I'm an illustrator, web developer's wife and mother of 1. I admin @beards_unite on Instagram for fun (and for the beards!), as well as my ow
Holly Khraibani-Cousins


I officially joined Moviepilot as of yesterday and I'm looking forward to sharing my artwork to an audience that has the same passion for film and TV like I do (it's my only hobby, everything else seems far too tiring and my sofa is far too comfy!).

So I thought to start off this blog with my portrait of one of my most favourite characters: Napoleon Dynamite.

The moment I laid eyes on those snow boots and unicorn t-shirts, I was in love! The whole film itself is just so effortlessly funny, and I am almost 100% sure I've met some form of each character in real life too.

So here is my portrait of Napoleon from start to finish. It took me like 3 hours to finish the shading on his upper lip... it's probably the best drawing I've ever done.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first post, I hope you enjoyed it and that you stick around for more!


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