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The DC Cinematic Universe received a major update this week as Aquaman has found its director. It has been confirmed that director James Wan will be helming this upcoming superhero film. While the film has plenty of time before it hits theaters, it looks as though the movie on the King of Atlantis is getting underway. Yet this new update has me wondering, is James Wan the right director for Aquaman? Granted finding a suitable director for a character like Aquaman is not easy. Yet of all the directors working in the business today, is Wan the man for the job?

A movie on Aquaman would not be your standard superhero film. We are not dealing with someone who gains abilities and decides to dawn a costume to fight crime because he can. In the case of Aquaman, we are dealing with a character who is (or becomes) the King of Atlantis. Like Thor, Aquaman will likely deal with a unknown world which could present new elements to DC Cinematic Universe; not to mention the genre of superhero films all together. So it is safe to say that a film like Aquaman would be, to say the least, a challenging project.

Now onto the man of the hour: James Wan. Wan's resume is indeed an interesting one. For the longest time the director has made his presence known in the world of horror. It first started when Wan directed the 2004 horror film Saw, a movie that would spawn 6 additional sequels. Then Wan would be famous for another horror series when he brought Insidious to the silver screen in 2011. After his success with Insidious, Wan would once again pioneer another horror series when The Conjuring became a commercial success in 2013. Eventually Wan would break away from horror and find himself in the world of action blockbusters. This year Wan directed the seventh installment to the Fast and Furious series: Furious 7. Financially Furious 7 became the highest grossing film in the series; but when it came to the film's quality, Wan's direction managed to work in favor of the seventh installment.

From watching his movies, Wan has always struck me as someone with a good sense of creativity. His work in horror has created movies that have definitive looks and engaging concepts. Though projects such as Saw and Insidious have shown Wan's talent as a creator, the director has proven that he can take his sense of direction and adapt to an established franchise. Wan proved this point in his direction with Furious 7. Whether it is horror or action, Wan seems to be a director who goes above and beyond to make his films memorable... but would that mentality work for a movie like Aquaman?

Given that we are dealing with a different kind of movie, it would seem that Aquaman needs a different kind of director. From looking at James Wan's filmography, I believe that Wan could be that director. Aquaman needs to be embracing as it shows moviegoers a new world in the DC Cinematic Universe. Wan's work in horror has proven that he has a sense in creating worlds that astonish. Plus James' work with Furious 7 shows that he is comfortable working with established material. It is hard to say that Wan's direction will work for the King of Atlantis. Yet, I cannot help but feel that a filmmaker like James Wan certainly fits the credentials for a cinematic feature on Aquaman.

It is hard to say how Aquaman will play out as there is still plenty of time before the film's release. So it is safe that the direction for the film could go in a variety of ways. That being said, hiring James Wan was a good move on the WB and DC's part. Not only did the studio acquire one of the biggest filmmakers working in the business today, but it gives the DC Cinematic Universe a director with a creative sense in making films. Hopefully Wan taking the helm for Aquaman will pay off and give moviegoers a superhero film that they will not soon forget.

Aquaman is scheduled to hit theaters on July 28, 2018.


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