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The Start

Cosplay is a hobby for me. It is something where if I look in our bins of fabric I might be able to whip up a low budget Bat-Girl (Bette Kane) costume. It's nothing I take too seriously. It's for fun. I started because friends from high school told me about a local convention called Tekkoshocon. And how it was cool to have costumes. I made a very rushed Light Yagami for that one. My first real cosplay was Okita Souji from Peacemaker Kurogane. Unfortunately for me, I have no picture of the costume. It was the first one I had sewn and I knew at that time I was not turning back.

My first 'true' cosplay was Integra Hellsing from Hellsing. Hellsing is an anime that has always been deep in my heart. The costume, well, you can't tell so much. It was my first time traveling out of state and, like I would, a lot of the pieces got left back home.

I'm the one on the faaaar right. Man.
I'm the one on the faaaar right. Man.

I felt inferior. But, the Integra on the left took me under her wing, encouraged me. I made a lot of mistakes during that convention, ones I swore to never make again.

And I haven't. It was a personal growing experience for me as a person and as a cosplayer.

And Then A Girl

Just two years later I met with my girlfriend and we threw together a 1920's inspired nurse dress. Using an oversized t-shirt.

Watchmen! Don't even get me started. Love this.
Watchmen! Don't even get me started. Love this.

She wanted me to meet the people who meant the most to her in GA, her friend Celtic Ruin's Designs and her boyfriend. They are both truly amazing and kind individuals. The Mothman is like the older brother I never knew I wanted. We haven't talked much in recent years, but during this shoot they invited me and my girlfriend (Laughingdaredevil) to join their X-Men group for the next year.

I was in between Shadow Cat and Jubilee. Jubilee is where my cosplay handle comes from. Jubilation Lee. Except I have freckles. Anyway!

Photo by the Amazing Danny Hunter
Photo by the Amazing Danny Hunter

Shortly after, I finally started being able to make more friends, come out of my socially awkward shell. Which is part of why I cosplay in the first place. To make friends. And I have with costumes like Ravager, Jubilee, Bilbo. Oh my god Bilbo.

Bilbo is by far my favorite cosplay. It is so fun, we've made so many kind and gracious friends. It is just a miracle we managed to score amazing people who helped us create and refine them.

Photo by SIR Photography
Photo by SIR Photography

Outside of Integra, the costume I regret most is Ravager.

Three-Four years and I am still working on her. I don't know when it ends, but hopefully I'll get this sorted out soon. I want to do her justice and this year, I am undergoing a strict exercise routine from now until September.

My favorite convention is Momocon. It's a lot more laid back than DragonCon, a lot more relaxing, less packed, more personal. Less lines. Which is the major bonus there.

As for dream costumes - well Ravager is still on that list as is Helga from Vikings, Polka from Eternal Sonata and Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII. There are more, but those are the ones I want to work on the most.

I'm kinda beat, not sure what else to say here!! Maybe... Make costumes, have fun, call it a day? Works!

My facebook page can be found as Freckilation Lee!


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