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There are two types of superheroes in comics. The virtuous boyscouts like Superman and Captain America; and those that have been brought to seek and to defend justice from the brink of disaster, like Wolverine and Batman.

The Dark knight's motives have always been as controversial as his methods to fight crime. His persona has been glorified and vilified over the years by a large pantheon of writers and artists, enriching the myth and the folklore that surround him. And although there is an ever-present darkness over Arkham City, it is always a welcome sight to encounter its lighter human side.

In the early 2000's, Jeff Loeb and Jim Lee took upon themselves the task of creating a Batman story that showcased Bruce Wayne under the skin. The result was an enjoyable read, seasoned with smart moments throughout, and undeniable breathtaking art.

Now here it is, my video review of the DC Absolute Batman Hush collection book:


Do you consider Batman Hush's art the best work done by Jim Lee?


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