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I believe I have a very good idea for a post credit scene which I'm about to show in a minute. Yes, it's too early to make a credit scene for a movie that hasn't been released but hey it seems like a very good concept for me to make. Plus, this credit scene is something I feel is very suitable for this movie and for the character based on it. Ladies and gentlemen, here is my idea for a post credit scene for Deadpool!

Why am I so obsessed with this unreleased movie?!?
Why am I so obsessed with this unreleased movie?!?

So anyway my idea for this movie seems like such a good idea in my head. Even before this contest was announced I was imagining what a post credit scene for this movie would be like. So I am going to tell you what I think it would look good as in script teleplay form. Enjoy!

(The credits have passed. The Marvel Entertainment logo has just appeared on screen and just as it fades to black...)

Deadpool: Wait, wait, wait. The movie isn't over yet. We need to give these dumb$% something to talk about on the web.

(Deadpool pulls out shopping list with title "Things to do for awesome post-credit scene)

Deadpool: Alright lets see. Hmm.

(Deadpool yanks Stan Lee offscreen)

Deadpool: That's right this movie needs a Stan Lee cameo.

Stan Lee: Wait a minute. I didn't create you. Why would I appear in the movie about a sad excuse for a Deathstroke knockoff?

(Stan is then hit in the head with a Wolverine action figure by Deadpool and leaves the scene)

Deadpool: Excelsior? More like Stan's a bore. Alright what else is necessary on the list.

(All of a sudden, Apocalypse appears onscreen walking by)

Deadpool: Hey Oscar, how's it going?

Apocalypse: My name is En Sabah Nur.

Deadpool: Yeah, whatever so you about to go destroy the X-Men.

Apocalypse: That is not of your concern.

Deadpool: Oh yeah? Well in the future the X-Men are still alive. Care to explain that?

(While Deadpool rants Apocalypse leaves the scene.)

Deadpool: Alright well, see you in three months. So let's see what's next?

(Crew members then start trying to push Deadpool off screen)

Deadpool: (yelling) Wait! Wait! Can we by any chance get Thanos in this sceeennneee?

(End of post credit scene.)

So what do you think? Is this post credit scene awesome or what? Let me know (or don't, I obviously have a small fan base) in the comments.


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