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Shubhanshu Dubey

From taking up a topic, which most might not find appropriate to discuss among their gang but are all aware with, to showing how death could be one of the happiest moments, Piku has been able to express this topic, which wasn't taken up on this magnitude in any cinema in a brilliant manner.

Filming the picture wasn't easy and nobody expects it to be, with all the gaseous issues it deals with. But, Piku manages to break all the taboos of the Indian society and reflects the current scenario of the country.Piku presents a very realistic situation of a typical Indian family. The film has life as it is, without any over the top, idealistic relationships or preachy morals. The film talks of the simplicity of reality, gently playing on your heartstrings. These are the times where the male is happening to be the less useful than its female counterpart. The women are taking up all jobs, in every sector possible. Some might say that the movie exaggerating the case with faux feminism, but I'd rather agree to disagree than get into this feminism debate. In my view the director takes up the topic quite elegantly and in a realistic way.

Behind all this, the director takes up the issue of our fast moving society and how it affects an old man's life. The idea is to question the idea of development where there is no space for the ones who've wasted all there lives nurturing us and we are getting detached from our roots. If they took care of us when we were young, it is our due responsibility to look after them with utmost care and with the best means possible. We often talk about parenting but what about taking care of parents? Having said, the film in the end, does show how death could be a beautiful event.

The beauty of Piku lies not in the story but the way it is told. The film shows that for a movie to be good, not only does it have to touch the audience's hearts but at the same time it has to leave a message which lingers within the viewer for a long time and forces them to think upon it.

Walking away from the trend of all the big budget sets, the TNT explosions, the flying cars and the slo-mo punches, Piku has been successful in touching our hearts and minds at the same time. With a simple story, without the twists and turns and the surprises and shocks, it the movie depends on actors' performances and nuanced ways in which the director tells the tale.

Walking around with the fake belly must not have been that easy, but Amitabh Bachchan manages to pull it off seamlessly.
Walking around with the fake belly must not have been that easy, but Amitabh Bachchan manages to pull it off seamlessly.

A part of the hundred crore club or not, for me the movie was a great heart-warming experience. With a story that every Indian who has lived with ailing or ageing parent will connect to, its a must watch for the parents and their children. Even the independent working class-women who juggle their professional and personal lives with domestic chores are more likely to identify with it. Without any masala or any romantic escapade, these are the kind of movies our industry should start aiming for.



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