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I read up on alot of the top story's whether the real or fake but I am wanting to get in to the journalist I have always love making story's

Okay so the latest buz for all the walking dead fans out there who's all excited about the season six premier in October. I know I can't wait. so who all here remember noah ?

well Noah was known for the role everybody hates Chris :) well we all can say everyone are Chris alot of people was happy that he went and alot of people blamed him for bets and tyreeses death at the same time it was rather shock full and a real sad way to go when Glen had to watch him get eaten and the scared expression on Glens face who all here remember. now noah spent what might of been maybe 1 year or so been dons punching bag and when Beth help him excape and they caught her and Don starting using her a new punching bag before we all knew Emily kinny as Beth green she was a sad Depprestion suicidal girl in the season 2 over the walking dead years season 4 and 5 is where she had started to find her strength when her and Maggie also know for the role Bella from supernatural ) Beth and Maggie lost there father after the governer had hacked his head off with Michonnes sword and ate that the prison was long gone and her an Maggie and the rest of the group got separated and it was just her and Daryl also known as norman reedus I'm many movies such as the boondock saints well her and Daryl had finally got close and lovey duppy ♡♡ they got annoyed with eachother up and down but when daryl finally cracked about his past life and he vented to Beth and Beth understood and just held him but that did not last long when when her and Daryl got separated and dons fellow cops had taken her and that's when Beth met noah the pair become friends and ethical was getting more stronger each day she missed her the group and missed Maggie and missed daryl Beth had thought a out running away from atlanta but did not know Witch way but a doctor had showed her and noah where to go and showed them more of Don but that fateley had a twist in the scene on where the group found eachother and noah found them and he did try to save Beth the best he could and then he went with the group to save Beth once in and the group had surrounded Beth and Don Beth was on her way when don said to leave noah and Beth got angry and tried to stab don with a pair of scissors but that turned out horrible when she got shot in the head by Don out os sheer surprise. devastated daryl turned around and shot don straight in the head.

later in the season they lost the most caring brother and friend tyreese. tyreese had to chase noah ack to his house to find Noah's family but what turn out of that was Noah's family had been turned to walkers and that's when tyreeses fate came .


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