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So here is another story I made. Hope you like it. :)

“Is it on? Okay, it’s on. First, let me check for any security breaches. We can’t be too careful lately, what with all of those “things” running around here. I feel like I’m one of them just by looking at those things. It’s almost like we’re in some kids’ bad dream. We need to get through this video though. We need to tell our story. We need to explain what happened to us just in case we can’t save the human race. For starters, I am Craig Launder and that lovely young lady over there is Joy Tanner.”

“Hi.” she said.

“We are the last people that have not turned into some kind of zombie that seeks to turn us as well. We like to call them, “Zomuses”. They came out of nowhere. Our space defense systems didn’t warn us until they landed. They must have hacked our systems or given us a virus or … something. Anyway, we haven’t been able to determine what planet they came from. We just know that the spacecraft they used is something we have seen before. Joy will explain more about that later. But for now, I am going to go back to the beginning to try and help make sense of this video.

It all started about 4 days ago. Today marks the 5th day. Everything was normal. People were going to work, to school, and nothing was detected by the space defense systems. Joy and I were walking to the campus and then we get a call from our super smart friend, Brad. I actually saved the conversation on my phone. I was paranoid at the time. I thought that I was forgetting things I said on the phone when I wasn’t. Joy thought it would be funny to make me think I was going crazy or something.”

“I was trying to have a little fun with you. You were all sad and stuff because your team didn’t win the championship two weeks ago.”

“Okay, but you still shouldn’t have made me think I was saying and/or not saying things when we were on the phone.” he whined.

“Whatever, you big baby.” she laughed.

“Anyway, this is the conversation we had on the phone:”

“Hey Brad. What’s up?”

“Not much. Just calling to check up on you guys. How’s school?”

“Oh. You mean the school that you don’t have to go to because you got everything you needed to be an “astronaut” at 15? Yeah, it’s just great.”

“Hey! It’s not my fault you guys weren’t studying when you were in the womb.”

“Whatever you say, Brad. So how are things at the command center?”

“Pretty awesome. Things are all running smoothly. I even have enough time to –”

“Enough time to what? Brad? Brad, you there?”

“Yeah, I’m here. The power surged for a minute there. I thought something was gonna happen, but nothing did. All the gauges read normal and everything is stabilized. I have no idea what caused it or if it had any effect on anything. I’ll call you back and let you know if anything is wrong.”

“Okay, Brad. Hope everything is okay.”

“Alrighty. Call you later. Bye.”


“Brad sounded concerned, but nothing out of the ordinary. When you have a stressful job like Brad does – well, had – you would be worried about every little thing too. Anyway, we got to the campus 20 minutes later and everybody had gathered in front of the doors. We asked what was going on and somebody showed us on their phone a live feed of what appeared to be a spaceship. Joy took a picture of it on her phone. Then, the door opened and a hideous creature walked out. It had two legs, two arms, one head like we have, but it spoke in some kind of … alien dialect. It moved like we did. It even used hand gestures. It wore something that looked like armor and its right arm had something weird-looking on it. Then, it took out a device, pressed some buttons, and a hologram appeared. It was one of those “zomuses” that appeared to be talking. Although none of us could understand it, we all knew it was a message of doom. The hologram finished and we knew that they were here to conquer us.

One of the military’s soldiers raised his gun and shot at the “zomus”. The armor deflected the bullets and one hit another soldier. Everyone’s faces filled with rage. They all raised their weapons and fired. Every round hit the “zomus” but did no damage. The soldiers tried to dodge any bullet that came their way, but they could not dodge them all. Some were lucky and only got hit, while others were not so lucky and were fatally wounded. Then, the general called for the tanks to be brought out. At the sound of the tanks being moved into position, the “zomus” dropped its head slightly.

The tanks were all positioned to aim for the head of the zomus. It started pressing some buttons on its arm thing and then waited. The general called for the tanks to fire faster and in quick succession. The first tank fired. It was a direct hit and smoke and gravel was kicked up by the force of the attack. It did not bounce back or hit anyone else. It hit the intended target and it wasn’t reflected. As soon as this was realized, the next tank fired. Then the next, and the next, until every tank fired. So much smoke filled the air. Everyone gasped and held their breath till the smoke cleared. The waiting felt like forever.

When the smoke finally lifted, everyone’s jaw dropped to the floor. Nobody could believe that the zomus was still standing. It was standing in something that looked like a bubble. A soldier went up to touch the bubble and he quickly retracted his hand and rejoined the other soldiers. The zomus lowered the bubble-thingy –”

“I think it was a force shield. It withstood all that damage from the tanks. The zomus was not hurt. Only thing I can think of that could do all that is a force shield.” Joy interjected while laying traps. Craig looked at her, confused.

“I’m just saying I think it was a force shield is … all I’m … saying.” Joy said.

“Alright then.” Craig sighed. “The zomus lowered the force shield and it ran towards the closest soldier. It tackled him to the ground as people ran. Some soldiers tried to punch, kick, and stab the zomus, but nothing worked. That sent all the other soldiers running. Nothing they had at their disposal seemed to work. An enemy was present and they were helpless.

The zomus was on top of the soldier pinning him down. We saw the zomus get close to the soldier and he screamed. He screamed at the top of his lungs and the zomus got off of him. They both stood up and the soldier looked at the zomus.”

“Should we give it a name?” Joy asked.


“Should we give it a name, the first zomus we saw? Just so we can stop calling it zomus?”

“I guess. Just don’t get attached to it if we end up having to kill it, okay?”

“First of all, how would we know if the zomus we’re up against is the same one as Doug?”

“True. We would – Wait a minute. Doug? That’s what you want to call it?”


“Joy, what if it is a girl?”

“Then its name will be Cadence. You okay with that?” Joy asked sarcastically.

“Yeah, why not? We have zombies on our planet, why not name one of them Cadence or Doug?”

“Good. Second of all, what makes you think we will have to kill Doug or Cadence? Before you answer that, here is my third issue with that: What makes you think we will be able to kill them at all?”

“To answer your questions in order, Joy; We wouldn’t know unless Doug or Cadence is the only zomus that wears armor or vice-versa, if we are attacked then we have the right to defend ourselves against said attacker or attackers, and I do not know how we will kill the zomuses. Good questions by the way, Joy.”

“Thanks Craig.”

“I think we will cross those bridges when we come to them. First I must explain our situation and how we got here.”

“You already explained that zombies are here so whoever watches this will know at least what our situation is by now. However, if we do get out of this alive, it would make for a great video to watch for laughs. You may continue.”

“Thanks Joy. So where w – Oh! That’s right! So, the soldier looked at Doug or Cadence and he seemed to smile. His skin turned light green and he turned his head to face the camera. He made some of the same gestures and, apparently, some of the same words that the hologram message showed and said.

The soldier smiled at the camera person and ran right for us – well, the camera person. We saw the person turn to run and the camera started shaking. We heard the soldier tackle the camera person and then the feed cut out. Well … we wish the camera had cut out at that point. We couldn’t see from their torsos and up, but we could still hear everything. We heard her screaming in pain, in fear. The soldier apparently bent towards her head or somewhere up where we couldn’t see and then got off her. The screaming stopped suddenly and then they stood up. The woman walked towards the camera and picked it up. She looked into it, smiled, and turned it off.

Everyone on campus looked at each other and started to freak out. Nobody knew of anything that could beat them. In a matter of minutes everyone on the planet was scared of something they never even knew existed until the previous events happened. Some were already trying to form angry mobs to try and find a way to subdue them while others were trying to find them so they could try and “switch sides”, as they put it. Most of the people were running for their homes and/or trying to prepare things so they could head for the road. Joy and I looked at each other. We knew that our friend Brad would know something by now about either what happened earlier or about the zomuses. Although, in hindsight, they were probably connected.”

“You figured that out now?!?!” Joy asked Craig.

“What? You already knew!?”

Joy nodded her head.

“Well then, why didn’t you tell me sooner?!”

“Because I wanted to see how long it was gonna take you.” she laughed.

“Ugh! Anyway, we went to go see if Brad knew about ANYTHING that transpired.” Craig looked in Joy’s direction. Joy smiled and flipped him off. They have a weird relationship and play like that.

“We ran along the back streets and used the woods for cover. We reached the command center, called for Brad to let us in, and he showed us to the fourth floor. Once we got inside, he told us he was happy we came to see him. He found out what the power surge was earlier and what caused it. I’m glad I recorded the conversation we had.” Craig started to look through his phone for the video but he couldn’t find it.

“I have the video.” Joy said pulling out her phone.

“Ah. Here it is:”

“So, I found out what caused the power surge earlier. As it turns out, it was the things from earlier. They –”



“Zomuses. They are zombies and they look like us. Hence the term: zomuses.”

“Okay, Joy. The zomuses caused the surge. One of their ships flew in undetected and hacked into our systems. They uploaded some kind of virus which is what caused the surge. It directed the electricity from some places to other areas in order for it to be uploaded. The virus made all the alarms silent whenever they went off. None of the systems were able to warn us if anything was coming towards us. So they could have launched a nuclear missile at us and we would only know if we looked up.”

“So what are we supposed to do now?”

“Good question, Craig. I have no idea. But I do know that more ships have landed and that they are all over the planet. Based on footage from across the globe, it looks like these zomuses, as Joy has dubbed them, are turning everyone that isn’t one of them into whatever they are.”

“What do you mean by “whatever they are”?”

“Well, we don’t know where they came from. We know they arrived in a spaceship, but we don’t know how far they have traveled or if they are human or … something else.”

“Wait a minute. Brad, do you know what this symbol is?”

“I do, Joy. That is the symbol of the old legend from about 1100 years ago. There’s this legend about an outbreak of some disease that was supposedly set free upon the land. A plague spread and turned people into the same thing that the people attacked look like, for example, the soldier from the video earlier. Their skin was light green. The people were bitten, scratched, spat on, and any other way you could transmit a disease without breathing. Here, I’ll show you on this screen.”

“Damn. That looks bad. So what happened?”

“The people found a wizard and he was able to reverse the plague. Well, some of it. There were five people who the plague struck first and they were unable to be cured. So the wizard conjured a spell that would take them far away from this planet. He basically sent them up into space on something that looked like one of our spaceships we have now. On that spaceship was supposedly this symbol that you showed me. I believe that the plague has come back in the form of these people in that suit-thingy that the one who exited the spaceship and is now trying to once again claim this planet.”

“Okay, so, all we have to do is find this wizard guy and then he can reverse it again, right?”

“Wow, Craig. Did I not say that this was about 1100 years ago? But you are on the right track. If we can find a descendant of the wizard, then we can probably find a way to reverse all, if not most, of this plague. Maybe we can combine the magic with science in order to cure those that the magic alone can’t help.”

“Now we’re cooking, Brad. But we can’t fight these things, let alone hit them with magic or some kind cure injection. Maybe you could rig up some devices that could let us know if there are any of those things around us, let us know how many of those zomuses are on the planet?”

“Joy that is an amazing idea! We have all the data we need to accomplish this right here in the command center. Our center can reach all around the planet and we can detect life forms. We can upload our own life form signatures and then get a sample of the infected to use as the other signatures it will be able to detect. It can tell us the amount of our life signatures versus how many of the infected life signatures there are on the planet.”

“Great! How long until you can get those up and running?”

“If I didn’t need a sample of the zomuses’ … whatever, I could have it done by the end of the day. But because I need that sample, I need to wait until we get it to have the device finished. I can have everything ready to go. After the sample is put into the device, it can analyze it and then we can see how many of us are left. Is that any consolation, Joy.”

“Yeah, I guess it is.”

“Good. Brad, get working. Joy, we’ll fortify this place with non-lethal traps.”

“Why non-lethal?”

“Because, Joy, we are going to turn them back into human beings. We don’t want to hurt anyone that is and was a potential human. Besides, if a human is trying to get through to us, I don’t want them accidentally triggering a trap that could kill them. We’re gonna try saving everyone or die trying.”

“If we do die trying, I will kill you. If I’m a ghost, I will haunt you, hunt you, and hurt you.”

“I believe you, Joy. I believe you.”

“That was a good brainstorming session. You had some really good ideas, Joy.”

“Yeah, you did, too.”

“So, for the rest of that day and the entire next day, we armed the place with non-lethal booby traps and Brad set up three devices. All we needed was a blood sample from the zomuses and we would be set. We found out the zomuses do bleed so we knew we needed a blood sample. We kind of found out the hard way. On the third day, they found us. We were nowhere near prepared.”

“We were basically helpless.” she said, despairingly.


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