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I hope you've all seen the series Constantine and met that dark-haired girl Liv Aberdine in the pilot. Yeah, I know she's there just for the pilot but what if there's some more to this?

Well, her dad, Jasper Aberdine was a friend of John Constantine and owned the mill house, well until he died and told John to give the house to his daughter, Liv. And in the comic books, Zee is the current owner of the house of mysteries.

Besides,there's a writing on the board just in front of Liv in the pilot. Saying "EROM NAHT SIHT",which is Zatanna's backward magic and maybe that means there's more to Liv Aberdine.

But now that NBC has cancelled the show, we all can wish for a channel to pick it up again and expect for Zatanna!!! And please leave some comments if you also have some theories. And don't forget to !!


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