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When we hear a movie is being released and it's going straight to disc or digital download, a lot of us automatically assume it's because the movie isn't going to be good. Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of great movies unseen because of the negative connotation that because a movie doesn't make it to the theaters it can't be that worth watching. Vendetta is a movie that should not only be seen by anyone who enjoys a good revenge flick, but it also belongs in the cinemas for all to enjoy.

Dean Cain plays Mason Danvers. A detective who is now out for revenge after Victor Abbott (played by WWE's Paul "Big Show" Wight) does something that can only be described as heinous. Even though what happens to Dean Cain occurs in the beginning of the movie, I'd rather not spoil what Abbott does to send Mason off the deep-end. It's much better when you see it for yourself and you're surprised. After the deed is done, Abbott gets put back in jail after getting his revenge on the man that sent him to prison. Abbott assumes that because Mason is an officer of the law, that he has won. He was sadly mistaken. Mason commits murder in order to get himself thrown in jail to go after Abbott.

The smile is gone.
The smile is gone.

Mason is brought into Warden Snyder's office (played by Michael Eklund. He was Dollmaker in Arrow). Snyder offered him a chance to be on his side after Mason puts one of the inmates in the infirmary after beating him with a sink (in Mason's defense, the inmate was trying to kill him). Mason refuses and gets sent into solitary. The cycle continues. Abbott keeps sending guys after Mason and Mason keeps sending them to the infirmary or... the morgue.

We have a guy out for revenge on a seven foot tall massive man who is exactly as merciless as you'd expect an evil criminal of that size to be, a crooked warden, and they are all together in a cell. It's a pretty simple idea and the simplicity is what makes this movie so great. Revenge movies are supposed to be simple. There is no need for a lot of deep conversations or witty quotes. "Revenge is a dish best served cold," as the phrase goes, so it's understandable that Mason isn't dropping a bunch of one-liners and jokes while he's trying to avenge someone.

When people watch a movie like this they want the hero to give the villain what they deserves, and we want the villain to suffer and or have his empire systematically destroyed. Mason does all of this and he does it creatively and with the brutality of a man who doesn't care what happens to him next.

Dean Cain starts the movie out with his signature smile and happiness when he thinks he's put Abbott and his brother away for good. When things get serious, the smile is lost for the rest of the movie and Dean Cain becomes a remorseless and coldblooded killer. This is not Superman Dean Cain. He's closer to the Punisher in this movie. Granted, even though Cain looks pissed off in the movie poster, I was not expecting the level of rage that was going to come from a man that used to play Clark Kent.

Big Show was exactly what I wanted him to be. While Big Show can easily play the gentle giant or funny character (check him out in Macgruber, or Knucklehead), it was great seeing him do what a guy his size is capable of. By being flat out dominant. Not only was he intimidating when he was taking people down physically, but when he spoke, he spoke with a confidence that said he knew there was nothing anyone could do to stop him. None of the big, clumsy guy stuff, he was choking people out and beating them down.

Rating: 8

That's right, an 8. Vendetta went past my expectations and fulfilled every need I had for this movie. The hero gets emotionally hurt beyond repair and goes after the guys who caused his pain. The villains are pure evil without any debate of a gray area. They are just bad people all the way to the core. A debate could be made for whether or not Mason is going about his need for revenge the right way, but if the roles were reversed, wouldn't we all go after our offender?

Vendetta is in select theaters and on VOD today!


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