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"Spy" stars Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham, and Rose Byrne in the lead roles. When a spy close to McCarthy's character dies in the field, she has to go undercover to infiltrate the organization responsible.

Melissa McCarthy seems to be very hit or miss with her movies, but she definitely nails the part in this film. The part of Susan works well as an overly polite woman who tries to do well at her job who can also kick serious ass when necessary. This was what honestly surprised me about this film. I expected McCarthy to play the bumbling idiot who gets extremely lucky in situations which she would be dead in in a second. Not so. McCarthy can hold her own and I think part of the comedy of her character is just how unexpectedly badass she is throughout this whole film.

Rose Byrne plays Rayna so well that I loved hating her from the moment that I first saw her on-screen. She's a villain who doesn't tolerate stupidity so seeing her interact with McCarthy's Susan was extremely entertaining. She also has a much larger presence in the movie than I really expected her to have, which was nice since the character worked so well.

Jason Statham is the last notable mention as a spy who thinks he's more badass than he actually is. I've mainly watched Statham in action flicks, such as "The Expendables" and "Furious 7," so seeing him in an action-comedy which takes his typical character and throws some hilarious scenes at it works all the better. His consistent undermining of McCarthy's character as well as her continued rebuttals against him work flawlessly and always gave me a huge laugh.

Speaking of laughs, this film had me laughing more this year than any film so far. This was mainly thanks to the dialogue which was sometimes so unexpected and out-there that one could not help but laugh at McCarthy's deliverance of the lines. She really held this movie up and played the role with a large amount of confidence and it really worked flawlessly.

The choreography of the fight scenes were great as well. While I'm sure McCarthy had a stunt double, the action scenes were done in such as way that McCarthy looked like she could hold her own in any fight she was thrown into. The large amount of improv which was added to the scenes only added to the humor and made them seem a bit more realistic.

Overall, I really had no issues with "Spy." I went into it with very low expectations based on what I saw in the trailer and walked out of it still chuckling at some of the jokes. As I've already stated, McCarthy worked tremendously well in this kind of role and I would love to see a sequel in a few years. Also, be sure to sit through the end credits as there's a scene at the end which is hilarious.

But those are my thoughts on "Spy." Leave yours in the comments down below!

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