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Collins Vincent

The next Sacha Baron Cohen film is coming, and the trailer is ready and waiting on youtube if you have the time to view it. The Brothers Grimsby is an upcoming action-comedy that is sure to get alot of confused, exciting, and disgusted looks depending on if you're a fan or a critic of these types of films. The movie had been filming for a while and many were waiting for a trailer to hit the web or when the first image would be released, and now you are free to decide of the film is appealing or if you'd rather pass on it.

Here is the plot synopsis:

Grimsby involves a British black-ops spy (Mark Strong) whose idiotic brother (Sacha Baron Cohen) is a football hooligan.

The estranged brother of a football hooligan with a perfect life and perfect girlfriend is one of MI6's deadliest assassins, and the two team up to save the world when they reunite.

The film's success will ultimately depend on how it balances action and comedy along with how well the two leads play off of each other. Mark Strong's character will probably play the straight-man who occasionally delivers a sarcastic or witty response and Sacha seems like he will be playing the "Child in a man's body" type character who occasionally has dumb luck or moments of wisdom. The film could see a decent box-office return since it could appeal to fans of both action and comedy films, and since Mark Strong will be a key selling point when it comes to marketing this movie based on the set-up of the trailer. Overall The Brothers Grimsby could be a modest hit but leans towards being a surprise hit based on the genre and talent involved.


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