ByDonovan Marcus, writer at

Captain America Civil War After credits scene (Fan Based Prediction)

So it begins as the credits slowly roll off the screen, and opens to an oil rig ship in vast ocean, a voice thunders in rage,

"You... Ulysses Klawe... Yes I know who you are. European Arms Dealer and the man who slaughtered my father in front of the Wakandan populace at his own inauguration."

It's T'Challa in his Panther war suit standing above Klawe, who in fact is wielding his new arm,

"... You believe you have won because you have my country's precious resource. You think you've been to hell and back to find it. Hell comes in the eyes of the Panther..."

T'Challa leaps at Klawe ending the scene... Revealing the title, Black Panther and cuts to black... 'Captain America will return in the Avengers'


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