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According to Latino Review, their people have spotted Jason Statham with "Marvel Personnel" this week and have a "trusted source" at Marvel who is claiming that the action star is being pursued to play the role of Bullseye in Daredevil season 2.

We've already been hearing about the role of Elektra seeking an actress, and with both of those big players coming to season 2, that could be great, or terrible. Based on what we just consumed in season 1, I'll put my money on seeing something great happen in season 2.

I'm nervous with Jason Statham's acting range, as "Daredevil" on Netflix was so stellar, I'd hate to see a hiccup in the consistency of acting talent. I am not an adamant follower of Statham, and perhaps there is a role out there somewhere I haven't seen him in yet where his performance is substantial. If there is such a role, please let me know in the comment section below. Otherwise my hopes will be resting very assure in the brains behind "Daredevil".

I also hope we revisit Kingpin, I feel the need, unlike the writers of Daredevil, to hear the name "Kingpin", and until I hear it, there will be a void left to fill. Same goes with the DD logo on the red Daredevil costume.

Well, until there's more news, this is simply a rumor.

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