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I love Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I love Joss Whedon. I wouldn't want a sequel series or movie made without him or at least without him signing off on it. That said, there's no reason I can't brainstorm what I would like to see from a sequel. So I give to you, Vampire Slayer: Genesis. My idea for a Buffy sequel series.

There has been talk of a Buffy revival for years now. When the show first went off the air a number of spin off ideas were floating around, including a show centered on faith, a Spike movie, and a TV movie based on Giles. A pilot was even made fore a Buffy cartoon which would have taken place during season 1. More recently there was talk of a film reboot. However that movie has been stuck in development hell for over five years. Not only that but none of the original cast from the series was supposed to be in it. Not even Joss Whedon was asked to be apart of it. I wouldn't mind a remake of the original series/movie, but why throw away what we already have? Sure the original show will always be there but there's a way to remake the series but also keep the shows continuity. Hold onto your hat because Buffy's getting the Star Trek treatment. Time Travel.

Throw Back Thursday
Throw Back Thursday

I named this possible sequel Genesis not because it would take us back to the first slayer (although a spin off taking place in different time periods would be dope), but because were going back to the beginning. Season 1. Sunny Dale High. 1996. In the future, Buffy faces off against a new foe capable of time travel. Unable to defeat the battle hardened Buffy of the present, this new evil goes back in time to kill Buffy as a teenager. Buffy follows and in the resulting battle, both Giles and this evil are killed. Buffy is trapped in the past and becomes the watcher of her younger self. She must try and find a way back to her own time line while also keeping her identity a secret. A story like this would breathe new life into Buffy. A new generation will take on the rolls of Buffy, Willow, and Xander. It would allow for a passing of the torch. Not only that but the cast of the original series could return, and all the continuity from the original show and comics would remain safe. Untouched. Perhaps at the end of season 1, Buffy is incapacitated and her younger self is unable to defeat The Master. The entire course of the series is changed, and Future Buffy is left with doubts, feeling that she is unable to train herself in the way Giles did. Younger Buffy is left with doubts to. How can she be a Slayer if she can't take down the big bad? The season ends with out heroes unsure of what lies ahead. And you can bet season 2 will be even crazier.

So there you have it. My idea for a Buffy sequel series. Let me know in the comments down below what you think and pitch your own ideas for a Buffy Sequel!


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