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Spy is a film that is better than it's trailer lets on. You think you're getting yet another Melissa McCarthy vehicle where the comedy derives from the fact that she's a heavy lady, and she shouldn't be doing a certain way, but are hit with a smart comedy that derives its comedy from the setting that most of the characters are grown up, if foul mouthed, children. There are jokes that bring McCarthy's weight into it, but they switch up the formula by making those jokes about how capable she is even with her size. Besides the aforementioned switch up we get a performance from Jason Statham that is a comedic revelation. But more on that in a minute. First let's get the plot out of the way.

Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst that guides actual field agent Bradley Fine through his missions by using technology to see what's ahead and giving him advice or a heads up accordingly. On the mission that opens the film, Fine (played with a Boston-ish accent by Jude Law) accidentally kills a Bulgarian arms dealer before he can ascertain the location of a loose nuke the man was going to sell to the highest bidder. Fine then takes cooper to a dinner where we find out that Cooper loves Fine, but Fine is oblivious. While on a mission to wheedle the location of the nuke from the Bulgarian arms dealers daughter, Rayna, Fine is killed and Rayna reveals she has a list of active CIA agents. Realizing the CIA has no one to turn to and partly motivated by revenge, Agent Cooper volunteers to go undercover to locate Rayna and the loose nuke. saying anymore than that would rob the reader of the pleasant surprises in store for them.

How is the acting? Really good. McCarthy proves she can do action and still maintain her comic edge. Statham, as rouge agent Rick Ford is a comedic revelation, creating a character that is both bad ass and pitiable at the same time. Rose Byrne is in her comedic we'll house as Rayna, a classy upper crust foil to Cooper's more blue collar agent. Who would have guessed while watching her flash her dramatic chops on the show "Damages" that she would find a niche in comedy? Everyone else gives their all to their performance, even the small parts, to bring us one of the best comedies of the year.

If I had to say anything negative at all, it's that some of the reveals are a tad predictable, but it's not a deal-lbreaker. This is not a negative but parents should know that instances of violence while surprisingly few, are cartoonishly graphic, so use discretion. Otherwise this film gets a full recommendation from me, go forth and enjoy.


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