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Did you see that fight?? It honestly came out of nowhere and definitely captured an audiences attention! Hulk vs. Hulkbuster! Wow! Yes, the fight was freaking awesome, but some die-hard Marvel fans found it to be controversial; maybe even a little too "Hollywood action" for the Marvel Universe.

Well, let's take a look. The main problem people are having with it is based on the belief that the Hulk's strength cannot be matched. Let alone, be knocked out by something that was built by Tony Stark. This does have some truth to it. So, let's look at why this is probably a valid perspective. The Hulk, as we know it, is indestructible! There is nothing that is too much for the Hulk's strength to handle. The Hulk is one of most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe! In his past, The Hulk has even taken down some cosmic entities! His body just can't be taken down by missiles. His body would recover itself before it is too damaged! This theory argues that the Hulk would never be able to have been knocked out by the Hulkbuster, without getting angry and growing stronger, to ultimately win the fight.

But, another argument is that The Hulkbuster did stand a chance. Some say that it is given that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner (The Hulk himself) designed the Hulkbuster to not defeat the Hulk but to control him; to make sure he doesn't cause any harm. As well, some people are arguing that the Hulkbuster was designed to hit fast so that the Hulk wouldn't have as much time to react and become more powerful. So, on the other end of the spectrum, people are arguing that the Hulkbuster could have been as powerful as the movie made it out to be.


Who do you think would win in a fight: HULK or Hulkbuster?

These theories may all have some truth behind them. But when it comes down to it, someone has to be right! I'd love to know if the fight was realistic for the Marvel Universe or if it was just thrown into the movie just for fun!


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