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In the long history of comics, there was always relationships that made us smile. Clark and Lois. Bruce and Betty. Reed and Susan. Cyclops and Jean Grey. But, none of them showed the love and respect and passion that Peter and Mary Jane showed. They got married in real life at Shea Stadium around a crowd of 45,000 fans to show the world that they were not just a comic couple. They were the true embodiment of love. But, in 2008 everything changed for the couple and Joe Quesada chose to end their marriage in possibly the most controversial reboot ever in comic book history. The legend of "One More Day" still stands as the comic moment when fans all across the world revolted and many fans have never picked up a Spider-man comic again to this date. But, Dan Slott has chosen now, in the midst of Battleworld and "Secret wars" to tell us the story of what would have happened had the marriage moved on. Plus, let's not forget that there was also a daughter that disappeared in 1997 that also needs to be discussed. This is the final Spider-man story. The story that we have waited years to be told.

Dan Slott has gone on record as stating that he supported the end of the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane. He has also gone on record as saying that his stories in recent years has changed the landscape of Spider-man forever. This is no exception. But, all it shows again is that Slott has forgotten how to write Peter Parker. The title of the overall story is "Renew your Vows". But, we have to ask ourselves what "Vows" is he talking about. Is it the vows of marriage or the vows that every hero must take when he chooses to don a costume. Fans are either going to love this story or despise it. For me, I am in between. I do like some of the concepts in the issue. It's great to see Peter being a father and having to choose between diaper duty and webslinging. It's also great to see a return of MJ to the comic as a major character. But, after that it all changes quickly as a new villain takes center stage and unleashes all the villains of Ryker's Island on NYC. This brings about classic Venom, who is no longer a lethal protector and has abandoned his feelings of only killing people that he feels are not "innocent". The battle between Peter and Eddie is shown with great ferocity by Adam Kubert, but by the end, we again get Slott showing us why he is in charge of the Spider-man comics by having Peter do the most controversial thing that any hero can do. Of course, some people will see it as justified. Others would see it as a means to an end. But others, who have supported Spider-man for years and years will see it as totally out of character. I take that approach. I know this is only the first chapter of this saga, but at this point Slott is telling is "you want them back together. Well,this is what it would be like. Take it or leave it." At this point, I would leave it. I give this book a 4 out of 10 and I am hoping that it improves, but I fear Slott will get the last laugh again.


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