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Syed Farhan M. Rizvi

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin is a series of epic fantasy that takes readers through an epic journey across the fictional land of Westeros and Far East, where magic and power stride side by side in an ever shifting balance. It is a journey that you take through the point of view of characters that are neither wholly good nor wholly evil. Apart from seven noble families that are linked in a constant struggle to control the infamous Iron Throne, there exits the forces of Ice and Fire that coexist side by side in perfect harmony. Tip the balance of the scale and you get winters that lasts generations and summers that lasts a lifetime.

Possible Book and Show Spoilers ahead.

There are two forces in Game of Thrones that coexist side by side. Ice and Fire. Ice representing the force that controls the winters and the cold and all the dark forces that come with it being the White Walkers. Fire represents the power of Lord of Light, or R’hallor. Personification of this god are Dragons.

In Westeros, there are only two families in which magic runs in their blood. Starks or Winterfell and Targaryens of Valaria. There have been greenseers in Starks who have the ability to morph in all the livings, direwolf being their symbol and Winter is Coming their words. Targaryens were the dragon dancers and were immune to fire, Fire and Blood their family words.

Almost 8000 years ago, there was a winter that lasted generations. It was called as The Long Night, and with it came the White Walkers. Beings that are immortal, possess dark magic and have the ability to summon all the dead creatures to do their bidding, humans and animals alike. All of Westeros was covered in snow and darkness. All of the kings and nobles of Westeros tried to gather arms in order to defeat the Others but no man could match their powers. There came a warrior who was called Azhor Azhai wielding a sword bright as sun. He defeated the White Walkers and finally ended the everlasting winter, thus restoring the balance of the world. Azhor Azhai was the servant of Rh’allor, the lord of light and tipped the scale and summer was restored. Brandon “The Builder” Stark of Winterfell raised The Wall with magic that rose hundreds of feet high and thousands of feet across in order to keep the White Walkers trapped in the North (in the land of always winter). Night’s Watch was created in order to protect the man from the Others. Overtime they lost their true purpose and became involved in keeping the Wildings at bay, forgetting that its true purpose is to protect the people from White Walkers.

After 2000 years, 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch was one day standing on top of the Wall, looking at the dark forest below when he saw a woman striding in the snow. Her skin was as white as snow and her eyes were as blue as the stars. He fell in love with the woman and decided to make her his bride. He went beyond the wall and was never seen for ten long years. One night an era known as the Age of Heroes, he snuck inside a Night’s Watch fortress called Nightfort (the same castle where Bran, Rickon and Hodor met Sam and Gilly in book 3; season 3) through a secret underground tunnel. He along with his bride controlled the men of the Night’s Watch and made them do their bidding for thirteen long years. A cruel time it was. He was known as the Night King.

Brandon “The Breaker” Stark of Winterfell gathered all the forces and defeated the Night King in a battle that claimed the lives of five thousand northmen. Brandon did not kill the Night King. Rather he banished him, sealed the Nightfort’s secret tunnel and ordered his men to kill anyone who tries to document the events of the battle. Now this is interesting. Why did he not kill the Night King? Why the banishment? And better yet, why did he forbade the documenting of the events of the battle? Or the existence of White Walkers?

Because the Night King (who was the Lord Commander) was Rackard Stark of Winterfell, second in line to the throne and younger brother of Brandon Stark. Brandon did not want the world to know the events as it would taint the Stark name in Westeros as being line with magic which was at the time considered forbidden after the Treaty of the Great Lake (when Andals made a pact with Children of the Forest).

When Denaryes Targeryan stepped into the fire with three eggs, she unknowingly started what will be the great dance between Ice and Fire. White Walkers appeared again when those Dragons were born because one cannot coexist without the other.

This recent episode of Game of Thrones made every battle or past tragic event in the series irrelevant. All the battles of Westeros does not matter. As the White Walkers are gathering the forces to take down the wall. To start the Long Night and engulf the world in darkness. Now comes a question? Which characters will play a major role in the upcoming battle? Now the theories begin but this is by far the most credible one yet.

Jon Snow is the culmination of both. Ice and Fire. Rhaegar Targeryan, elder brother of Denaryes (killed by Robert Baratheon during the Battle of Rubies) firmly believed the prophecy of the second coming of Azor Azhai or The Prince who was Promised. The prophecy states that Azor Azhai will be reborn again and save the world from the eternal darkness. Jon Snow is not a bastard of Winterfell but in fact he is the son of Rhaegar Targeryan and Lyanna Stark of Winterll (elder sister of Eddard). This makes Jon a Targaryen and a Stark. Ice and Fire. He is the Prince who was Promised the one who will tip the scales again and make balance in a world where dance of the dragon has started. All the other characters becomes irrelevant.


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